Apple Faces Legal Trouble Over iPad Design

by Gaurav Kheterpal on February 1, 2010

iPad Design - Legal Mess for Apple?

iPad Design - Legal Mess for Apple?

Barely a few days after Apple released the much anticipated iPad, the company seems to be heading for a legal tangle over the iPad design.

Shenzhen Great Long Brother Industrial Company – A Chinese Manufacturer is contemplating legal action against Apple for copying the iPad Design. The Chinese Manufacturer claims that it had applied for a patent of its P88 tablet in May last year and the patent approval is likely to happen some time this year.

The P88 Tablet and iPad look astonishingly similar in design, is it a mere coincidence? – I’m not sure.  Apple has always been credited with authentic and innovative designs; these claims come as a shocker. Wu Xiaolong, the president of the Chinese Company has already expressed his anger and disappointment at Apple copying the design of P88.

Apple has played it safe so far and refused to comment on the issue. The top management of Shenzhen Great Long Brother Industrial Company knows that it will be a mighty task to take on Apple for a legal battle in United States but they’ve made it clear that the company is prepared for a legal tussle with Apple if the iPad enters the Chinese market.

If that’s not enough trouble, Apple is already in a spot of bother over the naming of iPad with rumors suggesting that Fujitsu may sue Apple over the ‘iPad’ brand name.

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Written by: Gaurav Kheterpal. Follow by: RSSTwitter,, or Friendfeed

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