iPhone & Nexus One – 2 releases on the same day

by Guest on February 3, 2010

iphone vs nexus one Wow – two separate updates from the two major players in the smartphone game, and both being released on the same day!

Good news and bad news for both teams– the good news is both updates bring new features or fix important security challenges. The bad news – not all users are going to be able to install the updates right away.

If you have the new Google Nexus one, there is an over-the-air upgrade that should become available to you later this week.

This update includes:

  • updated Google Goggles
  • new version of Google Maps
  • Potential fix for some of the 3G issues
  • Multitouch – yup, multitouch!

There are a few different ways to upgrade your Nexus One to the new firmware, one is wait for your carrier to send you notification that the upgrade is ready.  The other is to add the updated file to the root directory on your microSD card, reboot into recovery mode, and run the files that you need updated.  The folks at engadget are very confident that you will be able to do this yourself, with very little chance of bricking your phone.

The iPhone firmware got a minor upgrade, with a few bug fixes as well as resolving some security challenges.

The iPhone update:

  • Provides more accurate battery measuring and reporting on the 3Gs
  • addresses the issues for some 3rd party apps failing to launch
  • provides a fix to prevent the Kana keyboard (Japanese) from crashing your apps.

The iPhone update is available to all of the Apple iPhones, but those that had to jailbreak their phone might want to wait few days until Blackra1n is able to figure out how to work around the newest firmware.

Regardless of the team you are rooting for, semi-regular and usually free updates are a beautiful thing.  More competition will hopefully mean better support and more powerful features.

What is your phone missing today?  What feature would you like to see added/enhanced?

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