CRTC Might Regulate Wireless

by Gaurav Kheterpal on February 11, 2010

High Time for CRTC Regulation?

High Time for CRTC Regulation?

As per a recent report by Financial Post, CRTC might well start regulating the wireless carriers in Canada in future. The CRTC has just released a report titled “Navigating Convergence: Charting Canadian Communications Change and Regulatory Implications” which hints at the possibilities of regulations being laid out for all wireless carriers.

If the CRTC does indeed impose regulations on wireless carriers, it would mean greater scrutiny for all carriers including TELUS, WIND Mobile and Rogers. Way back in the year 1994, the CRTC decided not to regulate wireless services. The Financial Post quotes Rogers and Telus as saying that ‘The report signals an entrenchment of outdated rules”

Chapter 4.23 of the paper mentions

“Within the domestic context, vertical integration may raise many of the same concerns over the relationship between network and content. Canadians are increasingly seeking multi-platform content wirelessly and online that incorporates complements to television content. The potential for gatekeeping of these services, particularly in forborne environments such as the wireless industry, which has a high ownership concentration, may warrant review in the mid-term of how multi-platform content will be treated with respect to open networks and preferential treatment. Over time, the Commission’s hands-off approach to wireless may come under pressure as it becomes a more important platform tool to access all forms of communications and the distribution of Canadian content.”

The report is bound to send some jitters through all the leading carriers.  The report might well be the signal for a major turnaround to the way the wireless carriers operate in Canada.

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