comScore US Smartphone Figures – Apple & Google Gain, Microsoft Falls

by Gaurav Kheterpal on February 12, 2010

Apple, Google Gain US Market Share

Apple, Google Gain US Market Share

comScore, a well known name in digital market intelligence has recently published data for its popular MobilLens service (key trends for US mobile phone industry) and the results indicate Apple and Google to be the significant gainers in US smartphone market in the last quarter.

The report reveals that Apple is ranked second with 25.3 percent share (Gain of 1.2 percentage points) behind RIM which has a 41.6 percent share in US smartphone market space. Interestingly though, RIM’s share has fallen by as much as 1 percentage point during September to December 2009 as compared to the last quarter. While Microsoft still manages a podium position at number three, it has also lost 1 percentage piont as compared to the last quarter. It’s hardly surprising and perhaps a fitting position for the ageing Windows Mobile operating system.

These are perhaps the signs of an inevitable change in the US smartphone market with new players like Nexus One and Motorola Droid posing stiff competition to the likes of Blackberry and iPhone. While the report indicates that Blackberry is still the most widely used smartphone in US market, the gains of Apple and Google are surely going to set the alarm bells ringing for the folks at RIM. With rumors of iPhone 4G and Nexus One Enterprise Edition being available later this year, RIM will have to chalk up an effective plan in order to regain its top slot as the preferred smartphone operating system vendor.

Interestingly enough, comScore does not provide a break up of smartphone market share based on usage – business vs personal. I’m pretty sure that Apple would manage to beat RIM comprehensively for the top personal smartphone. Though RIM has broken the shackles of Blackberry being a ‘business only’ phone, it leaves a lot to be desired as far its entertainment capabilities are concerned.

The comScore report also suggests that mobile app downloads and mobile social networking has also increased significantly in the last quarter. It surely is another reason to cheer for Apple because as far as the App Store is concerned – it has beaten all its competitors hands down.

Fair to say – ‘An Apple a day, keeps RIM and Microsoft away!’

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