Rogers All Set To Shrink Local Calling Areas On March 15th

by Gaurav Kheterpal on February 15, 2010

Rogers - Not Again !

Rogers - Not Again !

Even as we are yet to recover from the hidden 12% fee increase and the subsequent ‘customer service response’ by Rogers, here comes another back breaking announcement by Rogers. It is set to shrink its local calling areas (again) with effect from March 15th, 2010.

The Rogers website lists nearly 100 locations where the local calling areas would be shrunk. So, depending on where you are located, make sure to double check your local calling areas in order to avoid any nasty surprises in your March bill. The updated titled ‘IMPORTANT MESSAGE REGARDING CHANGES TO YOUR LOCAL CALLING AREA’ (all caps are hardly surprising to me) on Rogers website mentions the following:

“The local calling area for the cities below will be changing effective March 15, 2010 to align with standard boundaries across the industry. Local calling areas are the areas in which you can make or receive calls without incurring long distance charges. These changes will provide clarity around our local calling area boundaries and may make your bill easier to understand. As a result of these changes, some of your calls may be rated as long distance, which would first appear on your next invoice after the effective date. All other aspects of your service will remain the same.”

As expected, the carrier is now facing criticism from customers from all possible corners. I read this interesting conversation on the WIND Mobile Community. I feel especially sorry for the gentleman who posted this

I’m in Scarborough and I live a walking distance from Pickering. It would be considered long distance if I called Pickering from Scarborough… *Sigh*

I’m wondering how many such changes will Rogers make this year?

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