Bell, Rogers, Yak, Comwave, Vonage, Primus, Telehop – who offers the best home phone value and which provider should you choose ?

by Jeff Wiener on February 16, 2010

Shopping for common household items is hard enough, but it turns out that shopping for a Canadian home phone provider is even more complicated. Plunging through the myriad of terms, conditions and contracts can be a nightmare for those not studious enough in the reading of fine print and this makes finding a phone company a pretty tough prospect.

As I’ve outlined over the last few days, my ongoing struggle with Rogers has really pushed my buttons. It’s not that the quality of the home phone is inferior. If anything, the quality of their home phone line was perfect. Never a hiccup. Sound quality was perfect.

Their dishonesty over rates has been enough motivation for me to turn my eyes elsewhere though in terms of a phone service. My main goal has been to find a phone company that offers reliable home phone service (whether it’s VOIP or traditional phone service), but that’s turning out to be harder than you might think.

So why am I switching ?

It’s a matter of principle really. I feel cheated by Rogers misleading advertising and poor response to my customer service complaint. I won’t rehash the story but you can read more about that here.

I talked recently about dishonesty in advertising. There’s really no way to know that any of Canada’s providers can be universally trusted, of course, and that can make going to a new provider a bit of a headache.

Rogers, as I’ve noted, continues to advertise rates that are set to increase in weeks. The odd thing is, Rogers is still advertising a Classic phone plan rate of $24.95 / month for a service they know will be increasing by $3 / month in 2 weeks. There is still no disclaimer on their web site. It’s just plain dishonest.

Shopping for a new service provider isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be. So, I asked myself a few questions before staring this shopping exercise:

Do I need a home phone ? Do I care if the home phone service is reliable ?

At this point it occurred to me … I wrote a post a few months ago titled: The Office phone is Dead. It occurred to me that the HOME PHONE is also dead. Cellular phone adoption is at an all time high. Most people in North America have a cell phone attached to their person like another limb. So why do people need a home phone ?

Many don’t. Some more traditionalists still do. And people requiring access to 911 services still do.

I realized why I still need a home phone line when I was providing instruction to my daughter’s baby sitter this past week-end. I needed to explain to her how to dial “911” from our Norstar phone system. “Pick line 1 first. Then dial 911”.

So I would call the home phone the “necessary evil”. Something I will eventually cancel in favour of my cell phone, but until then, I’ve got to grin and bear the $30 / month.

So, where do I go ?

I checked out comparable services from Vonage, Primus, Comwave, TeleHop, Yak, Rogers, and Bell Canada to see who can save me the most money and who can offer me the best bang for my buck.

The metrics I have used to determine where I will sign up include:
Quality, Features, and Price.

Not all service is created equal. Some providers offer VoIP service and others offer voice over the traditional BELL phone line. My concern with regards to true VoIP is that the provider is running their service over the internet access coming into my home. Crappy internet service means crappy voice quality.

Before doing the research for this article I had just assumed that providers like YAK were VoIP providers. Surprise. Yak’s service is a traditional line resell, meaning that their service is NOT VoIP. They are using the Bell feed coming into the home. The others, as far as I could tell are VoIP providers: Comwave, Telehop, Primus, Vonage, and Rogers all use VoIP, although Rogers is slightly different because they own the pipe coming into my home.

One of the downfalls of using VoIP is – no internet means no home phone. Crappy internet means crappy home phone. No electricity or power failure means no home phone means no 911 access.

From a pure VOICE quality perspective I would suggest the best service would come from Bell and Yak followed by Rogers followed by the other players.

I’m not overly bothered by the poor voice quality considering both my wife and I have cell phones and we rarely use the home phone. I am concerned about having access to 911 though, but the fact that it might go out during a power failure doesn’t bother me much.

But, the above is worth noting when making a decision.

Believe it or not, my first choice for a new VoIP provider isn’t even listed on the list. I had assumed that I could get a Canadian SkypeIn number and could transfer my home phone number to Skype. NOT. Apparently SkypeIn service isn’t available in Canada. That discussion is worth an entire post on it’s own and a subject I will tackle in another article.

Winner: Bell Canada followed by Yak

Features and Price:
There is a mixed bag of features from all of the providers, and the importance of these features will vary from consumer to consumer. Voice Mail and call display are important to me. Long distance and call forwarding might be important to others … For the most part though the features are quite comparable across the board and although all the providers do offer all of the features, they come with different price points.

The tricky part of doing this post though was trying to compare apples to apples. Many people don’t need voice mail, or call forwarding or call waiting or (you get the point).

In this regard Vonage seems to offer the best feature for dollar value. You can take a look at the chart.

If you are looking for a more scaled down plan with pay as you go long distance then you might want to consider Comwave’s “Enhanced” $14.95 plan which includes voice mail, call display and 911 access.

I think I am going to give Vonage and Comwave a call. See how they respond on the phone. How’s the customer service ? Can they reply to the basic questions ? How long do I have to wait on hold for ? Can they port my current 905 home phone number ? Do they offer a service guarantee ?

I’m getting closer to making a switch. Let’s see how this goes.

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norm w September 5, 2010 at 4:40 pm

good blog,i’m in the throws of switching from bell to the comwave add (star), now i’m not sure if bell is not the best.keep up the blog.

Yapalot September 7, 2010 at 3:37 pm

Important to note that Vonage 19.95 plan does not include Unlmited Local like all other companies on the chart. Their 500 minute plan is 500 minutes total. To compare you should really use their $39.95/month as most Canadians wouldn’t dream of being metered for local calls and ordering a pizza!

Chris Vagg September 13, 2010 at 2:14 pm

Excellent blog…so did you actually make a decision in the end? I’m having the same debate right now.

Jeff Wiener September 14, 2010 at 6:20 am

Thanks for reading Chris. Unfortunately I got quite busy over the spring and summer months and never found the time to undertake the task of moving home phone carriers. If I had to choose who would I go with ?

If I didn’t have kids I would probably forgo the home phone altogether and just run with my cell phone. Otherwise, considering how infrequently we now use our home phone I would probably choose the cheapest option and give Comwave a try.

Good luck.

Chris Vagg September 19, 2010 at 11:35 pm

Same here…I have kids and the wife talks to much for an affordable cellphone plan. I’m still on the fence. Acanac is the cheapest VoIP, but I’ve heard bad things about their customer service with high speed internet. I can only assume the same for their phone service. The one I’m not 100% convinced on yet is Comwave. Seems all well and good, but until you actually try it, it’s too hard to say.

Henry October 4, 2010 at 12:47 pm

I am switching from Bell to Comwave but on the other hand I feel like taking a risk on my services, I am not so much bell person but I am not sure about comewave too. I read the reviews and they are mixed. I talked to comwave rep. he said whoever will have a bad exp will spend little time to raise his voice. Anyway, Any one with honest opinion?

Jose October 4, 2010 at 6:15 pm

Are there other land lines providers other than
Bell, Rogers, and Primus??
I know Bell is the main carrier and they rent the lines to the others but regarding price I want to see the difference.
Primus is buying Rogers telecom and they are doing bad things to my line. They disconnected my long distance provider (other company). Now I can only make long d if I dial 0.
I want to sitch my line to anyother provider. Can some one help me providing me a list of providers. I don’t want VOIP. only land line.
Thank you 🙂

John October 5, 2010 at 9:51 am

i have tried Comwave, the most horrible phone service on the planet. Worst than all is that they will hijacked my phone number and told me that you have been entered in a 3 years automated contract! I do not recommend Comwave for any one. I rather pay a bit more to bell or rogers than even thinking about Comwave.

Mark November 16, 2010 at 11:46 am

We switched to Vonage after one outrageous phone bill too many from Rogers. I’ve found Vonage’s customer service to be excellent, something that was always a sore spot with Rogers. Haven’t had any real problems, our internet is high speed and reliable so our phones are reliable as well. A power outage doesn’t concern me, they’re rare enough, and cell phones are always at hand anyway.

Vonage originated Voip technology, they’ve been at it the longest and from what I’ve seen their quality is the best. Roger’s Voip is fine, quality wise but I have been treated like a cash cow by that company since signing up over three years ago. Also, Rogers staff appear to be trained universally to be passive aggressive and unhelpful. I’ve actually watched Rogers store staff gleefully avoid helping me or other customers who’ve taken the time to come in with a problem.

Previous to Rogers, we were with Bell forever. We moved away from Bell due to their arrogant attitude and high prices, Rogers seems to be modelling themselves after Bell in this regard.

Unfortunately in Canada, it’s Voip or Rogers or Bell. I’ll take a reasonably reliable Voip account over the other two any day.

You’re right about one thing, home phone is dead anyway.

Erick November 18, 2010 at 2:20 pm


Sorry, all caps equals rude.

I’ve been with comwave for 4 years and if you do not cancel on the month you subscribed 1 or two years later into your contract, your contract will automatically be renewed. By canceling at any other time they will charge you the minimum 20 dollars a month until the date your contract ends.

As for me, the ancient technology that’s supplied for my device has broken down for me. I wanted to cancel the service based on that and they won’t let me. So here I am, I just put my subscription on minimum at 9.99 a month and I’ll let my contract end. I also told them that I did not want my contract renewed and was sharply told sorry, I’m not going to do that and that your just going to have to call back on the renewal month. To that I said hell yes you can and asked for their email to send them a letter to make sure they do it.

I still can’t believe, albeit only 10$ a month that I am paying for a service that doesn’t work.

Erick November 18, 2010 at 2:24 pm

Oh, btw, magic Jack is working gggggggreat.

Free calls anywhere in Canada and the US. Paid 50$ for the device and my first year of service is free. And guess what, my second year is only 30.00$ a year +10$ to keep your number registered. Still got little problems, why can’t I call 1800 numbers? well not that important.

Max November 25, 2010 at 1:20 pm

I have Vonage. I had it first in Los Angeles and liked it. I had a slow internet in New Mexico and got rid of it because of the slow connection. Got it again later with a fast connection and like it. Moved it to Toronto no problem. Works great here. For someone who has a home in Canada and a home in the states, it works great. Just plug it into your modem or router and away you go. Same phone numbers. But better than Magic Jack because you don’t have to have the computer on. And it has some great features like simulring which rings all your other numbers simultaneously. The call forward has a timer so you can decide after how long before it forwards. I also like *78 for Do Not Disturb. Vonage has good customer service as well.

Tony Battaglia January 24, 2011 at 10:03 pm

Please do yourself a favour and check out
At $59.99 per year(plus one time hardware fee) …including all calling features and unlimited long distance in Canada, with E911 this is the best deal on the market. Very reliable, easy activation, number porting and real customer service with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Bill Tiwari February 14, 2011 at 1:18 pm

Tony Battaglia, you probably have personal connections with Talkit. Nobody answers their phone. There is a voicemail to leave a message.

Mick May 4, 2011 at 9:36 pm

YAK rocks! After being pushed by Rogers off its HomePhone to Primus (all-time low for bungled service btw) because I refused to have Rogers phone cable interface (modem) installed (it runs on batteries that run out after extended power outages), I’ve ended up with a YAK PAK bundle, which includes high-speed internet (10 Mbps down on YAK’s Fibernetics network), phone with 5 features and 800 minutes of long distance. The internet is stable, unlimited, and unshaped (unlike Rogers). Customer service has been really good, and the price is right: $64 for the whole show. I’ve noticed many negative legacy reviews of YAK from when they entered the game, but the company is seemingly trying hard to be a contender and they’ve won my business. Give YAK a try–right now service is free for the first month.

mohiuddin May 25, 2011 at 9:48 pm

get a good cable internet and then go with majicjack first year is free, just need to pay $10 for a cdn number and then you can renew every year for $20 or $60 for 5 years, happy hunting

morris June 1, 2011 at 6:03 pm

Just checked out Vonage and if 911 service is important to you, you might want to note that the call is sent to a national emergency call center and then re-directed to your nearest emergency response center (more details on their website). To me, that seems like precious time lost when you have a loved one experiencing a stroke or you have an intruder in your home. Just a consideration…..

naz June 2, 2011 at 10:12 pm

I have switched from bell to comwave and I have taken their 3 year contract I have no complaints service is fine its clear and it works i was paying 42.31$ / month with ID caller now I pay 14.95/ month with caller id and bunch other features and long distance rates are the best in the country plus they guarantee that they will beat any competitation if you manage to find any that have lower rate.All complaints that people do about them seems to be to do with cancelation policy.As far as I’m concerned as long as they provide this kind of service I have no reason to cancel or switch provider.And best thing of all they let me keep my original number from bell what more do you want….?

joe June 3, 2011 at 9:04 am

I have just signed up with Comwave, picked up my modem. It does not work with Rogers’ modem and I cannot get any service. After spending 90 minutes on my cell phone with a guy who took on-line control of my PC(!!) made me do every possible premutation of cable changes etc. then started asking me to plug in the power supply to different outlets in my house, I knew I was banging my head on the wall with incompetent people. This morning I called technical help at Comwave and I got another one who tells me all of the computer gymnastics last night was not necessary and started the whole set of instructions again along the same useless lines.

Comwave does not have any technical back-up and I am convinced is a hole in the wall outfit with a hit and miss type of operation. Still have no service. Now I know why Rogers and Bell resort to eye gouging pricing – because they can, given the total absence of anyone who knows or cares about what they are doing.

naz June 7, 2011 at 8:53 am

To try to help you joe not that I’m any expert but I have rogers internet and have rogers motorola modem and use their express service.I also have dlink DIR-655 router I know that comwave instruction is strongly advising not to use router but that is not true the way my setup is rogers modem dlink router and then lynksys comwave modem but in router settings I have asigned the permament IP adress to comwave modem which I have also put in dmz zone and it works great and for some reason on the back of comwave modem there is 2 places to plug your phone line line #1 and #2 mine dont work on #1 only works with #2 I hope this helps I have been with them close to a month works great not a single droped call yet I hope it stays that way.

Edward June 9, 2011 at 8:10 pm

I called Comwave, cause I did not want to pay Bell $42 every month. After two weeks Comwave told me they fix everything with Bell themself. Next day I had no phone service. The same day I lost my internet ,cause no phone line ,no internet,. I called Comvawe ,, I have to pay $50 + .. two more weeks ? was without phone, without intrernet and now I have to pay $203 for two calls to Ukraine. It is my panishment by Bell ( before I was with STARTEC for long distance calls and pay only 9c. a min to Ukraine. Comwave even did not return my calls where I can bring their box they mailed to me.

Elena July 5, 2011 at 8:13 pm

I was upset by Bell increasing my bill after the contract expired by $20 and reassuring me that it would stay the same. They told me that I have to wait more than 1 month before switching. yesterday I was connected at last to Telehop. I thought that Bell and Rogers are bad monopolies treating customer arrogantly and with disrespect but Telehop is much worse.
Technicians showed up earlier that it was arranged and after several calls one came at last and connected Internet. He refused to connect home phone complaining that he was not trained for that. It was supposed to be manual for the telephone adapter in the box but instead they put as replacement their advertisement of long distance plans with at least 10 business cards inside.
I used nearly all my month plan cell minutes trying to make phone working.

It would not work with the Internet and used to drop calls. After 10 calls I at last was connected to the supervisor Grim Reid who sent software update on my modem after which the home phone has the busy tone for every number dialed and could not receive any calls.

This company really have big issues. Their customer service either disconnects you or connect to non- existing extensions or extensions where you can leave voice mail without any chance for response. DO NOT EVER USE THIS PROVIDER. The customer care is not trained for any troubleshooting and their home phone is not working at all.

Dr Drea July 7, 2011 at 6:46 pm

Been at telehop customer going on 2 years now! Excellent customer service, had a few issues with calls not connecting, spoke to tech support, pushed an update to my adapter, and all was well after that. Had an alarm system hooked up, it didnt like the funny dial tone when voicemail was left on the system. Once again, called tech support, they pushed an update to my adapter, no more funky dial tone upon receiving a voicemail! No complaints, great price, great service. Just signed up for their internet as well! $ better in my pocket than Mr. Rogers.

raza hyder July 10, 2011 at 5:10 pm

hi guys !
i m also using comwave , oh its very great company ,there services are wonderful .before connecting with comwave i was using bell home phone,it was horrible and it still is horrible, thanks GOD i have got comwave best services provider.
yahhhhhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats great

Doru August 8, 2011 at 7:31 pm

I had a very bad experience with Comwave and my advice to you is avoid them.
They advertise a free 6 months free trial, the first 3 you can cancel without questions. Guess what? They charge you $50 for that without tell you first when you join.
The connections were very bad most of the time, the other parties couldn’t hear me properly (I have Panasonic Phone sets, 2 years old). The modem is taking down the Internet upload/download speed even when I don’t talk over the phone.
For long distance calls I called them to ask about the rates if I simply dial the number without any long distance plan. They told me it was 3 cents per minute. Guess what? They charged me 20 cents per minute almost 7 times more. I called them and they agreed to credit me but only to my account. When I told them I cancelled the service with them they said they cannot credit me under the circumstances.
I had to escalate to get from them the promise they’ll reimburse the difference.
When I joined I specifically asked them not to charge any invoice to my credit card. Guess what, they charged my credit card I used to pay for the modem shipment. The superior manager told me that they only charge credit cards, they don’t have any other payment method, though the call centre and the supervisor admitted their mistake and they said the bankk account is available for payments.

Bottom line: they cheat you and they make you’re life miserable on your hard earned money.

Y August 9, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Bell website experience is f***** you select one item and then you want to discard it and redo your selection, it does not allow you. the page keep automatically reloading even you delete your web browser temp files and cookies, f*** B*** programers think they know what better customer experience is a*** H****

Rose August 15, 2011 at 10:26 pm

OMG!! Thought i was the only one who had phone issues! I have just left bell after yrs of their high priced services! Have been with comwave for 2 monts,so far so good! The other issue is Rogers and their high priced products, and untrained customer service reps….. Thousands of dollars wasted to these people, nothing ever gets resolved if youhave an issue,Their service reps are not qualified to deal with any issues! I eventually broke my contract based information they had given me, ended up paying $300.00,discounted from the $400.oo it would have cost me,when i was advised that it would cost me $150.00 initially! Thanks for the reassurance that VOIP is a nice option!

Leah September 13, 2011 at 1:38 pm

uh oh – II just signed up with comwave on Thursday and had my system shipped to me express….

I am nervouse I have made a mistake. Phone quality wasnt great at first, and I immediatley called Bell back to re-hook my phone up with them. Reception seems fine now though so (like a woman) I have cancelled it again…. Sitting here with comwave wondering if they are going to try to send me a ridiculous bill or something?


Ahmed 1234 September 25, 2011 at 2:38 pm

Yak is the worst internet service I have ever seen. The speed is terrible and their customer support in too rude. They are just stealing people by telling them you will get unlimited download capacity at acceptable speed but with the speed they offer you won’t be able to do anything online and they keep saying your home is too far from the tower which they didn’t see when I registered with them or in the first few months.

YK September 27, 2011 at 9:30 am

Thanks for all the postings! Agreed with Rogers bad attitude, and poor customer service, I am cancelling my whole bundle after almost 10 yrs with them. Still debating to switch between Comwave or Vonage. Anymore input/posting will be greatly appreciated.

M G October 1, 2011 at 12:12 pm

It seems that my basic line from Bell is still not a bad deal.

Gives me 911 if needed, and a relaible connection for my alarm system, works during those rare blackouts.

No competition for bandwidth with my internet (DSL from a reseller).

Needed a service call last month, and the line was repaired next day…..crystal clear service.

Only $25 per month (no additional features though….I don’t need them).

Oh yes, when I complained about the price increase of Aug 21st, I was given a 1 year discount.

Unsatisfied Customer October 4, 2011 at 10:10 am

Don’t give them your visa information! They will try to STEAL everything you have!
Worst experience I have ever had with a phone company!!
PS: they say in commercials that you get 6 FREE MONTH! LIES LIES LIES!!!
They will con you into staying with them and you’ll be stuck with a HUGE BILL!

firouz October 15, 2011 at 10:06 am

comvawe is thief they lies and draw money from your credit card , you cant get it back (they say we give you credit)if you want to cancel it they give you phone # that you never can talk with person. you cant relay on there service , if your internet lose signal or power black out you dont have phone .they have lots of hiden fee and at the end you pay more than bell or roger .if you call customer service that all you can heir (im sorry) and they are in india. dont forget during the 3 or 6 month free you will see surprise fee.

paul wentworth November 3, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Comwave a complete POL (Pack Of Lies). Customer “service” knows nothing about their service. If you call for support you get completely different answers from different agents. I think the job lif cycle of an employee must be a week tops. If you cancel you cannot get your old phone numbers back to transfer to another carrier and they hold you hostage with your credit card information. DO NOT give them your credit card number under any circumstances and DO NOT transfer your old numbers over to them. If you do try them, just use the number they give you.

paul wentworth November 3, 2011 at 3:15 pm

If you need service, quality and flexibility, and especially if you run your business out of your home with different devices like fax machines, better the devil you know than one you don’t. Yes – try around with differnt VoIPs for the extra line for the wife and kids etc. but do not go to anyone but bell for business reliability.

Mick C November 10, 2011 at 7:41 pm

i picked up a talkit box as part of a Wag Jag promotion so it was 59 for the hardware and first year, with 59 dollars per year afterwards with all the bells and whistles.

Read someone else that wrote about talkit here and it was suggested that they were a paid employee of the company.

Actually i wasn’t put on hold and was able to talk to someone right away for every time i phoned with a question. Set up was easy and i was able to keep my old phone number for thirty dollars which i assume is a one time charge.

If you are too skeptical to leave Bell or Rogers you can pit them against one another. I’ve done that in the past for their services and if one thinks they will lose your business, or the other thinks that they will gain it they will sharpen their pencils.

I was committed to try the talkit so this time I didn’t pit the two monsters against one another however got them to compete for my internet and television. I was able to get Bell, when faced with Rogers going lower and lower, to reduce my monthly bill from 108 pre tax for the month to 41 for tv and internet. They would have played ball if I had thrown my telephone service up for grabs. Sure I may have to negotiate next year, but truthfully doing this and changing to talkit, I’ve saved about 1400 a year….and that is pretty darn good!

Dennis November 18, 2011 at 11:44 am

I would stay away from Comwave. VOIP phone doesn’t work when the power is out. This doesn’t even start to replace a proper home phone service so don’t get distracted by the price. I evaluated the Comwave service during the free 30 day trial period but still had to pay to have the router shipped to me and now I have to pay to have it sent back. I called customer service to cancel and they said that the “loyalty department” would call me. I just called a week later as I still have not heard from them! The girl was really nice but she couldn’t explain why this other department needed to call me. I ended up prying out the return address so I can send back the router – at my expense of course. They offer a guarantee but don’t actually take on any of the liability that comes with it. I would stay far away from Comwave – you truly get what you pay for!

Comwave November 21, 2011 at 10:26 am

Thank you all for reaching out. We hear what you are saying and we can assure you that your experiences are not typical of our customer service team at Comwave, as we take these matters very seriously. To discuss any concerns, please reach out to us directly so that we can investigate the situation and resolve it for you. We can be reached at marketing[at] and will ensure a swift resolution to your situation.

Thank you,

The Comwave Team

jrod November 24, 2011 at 8:45 am

Vonage all the way. Had them for over 4 years now. Service and call quality are great. As of last year they dropped their price instead of increasing it. imagine that. Not sure about comwave and some of these others but one thing i have learned over the years is never sign a contract. If a company needs a contract their is a reason and dont let them fool you on the its to cover the cost of the equipment. Those routers cost them about 5$ and you can always return them.

DEVAL December 1, 2011 at 1:27 pm

Hey i was told that Comwave is availabe in anywhere in Canada and where ever you move same services will be provided.. I moved from Calgary to saskatoon and Comwave cant able to provide the service in Saskatoon. They Cancel my service because they cant provide same service in Saskatoon. I was in contract for three years thinking because comwave is availabe any where in canada what is wrong in doing the comtract. I fighted for 3 months for fairness I talked to lots of peeople in Comwave. Proud to say that they have lots of staff who can understand my problem ;and told me that you are right you should not pay for three years because you did not cancel your service . but top management did not understand my problem they did not want to help me.. My bill was due for 18$ only thing I aksed them to provide the same service and i Will pay my bill, They refused to provide the same service i talked to them several times but unfortunately no body help me. They told me you are in contract. I aksed them i dont want to cancel my contract just provide me the service and i am happy customer. I talk to accounts receivable I tried to convience him but he did not understand me . I told him that one unhappy customer will make lots of of unhappy cstomer but he did not understand it and told me that YOU ARE THREATNING ME.. Now my question is WHOM SHOULD I TALK TO ….. No one there to help me . They send my bill to credit department for collection for amount of 18$ i used i paid yesterday 605$ for three years. i told hime I want to talk to someone senior them him. He told me … BY LAW I CANT TALK TO THEM I NEED TO TALK TO CREDIT DEPARTMENT FOR ANY DISPUTE….WORST PART OF THAT HE HANG UP PHONE ON ME!!!


But beleive me I KNOW I PAID WHICH IS NOT FAIR I gonna talk to the top most authority in Comwave and I will resolve this problem .. in coming years…

ps: i am thankful to lots of customer service people in Comwave who understand my problem and tried to help me. Including one gentleman from accounts should be proud of yourself… you did everything what you could do ..

Kevin December 7, 2011 at 9:27 pm

Been with Telehop for 11 months here in Winnipeg. I just use the long distance feature only and never go over the 500 minutes so my bill is always $5.60 per month. I used to be on the Urban Unlimited feature with MTS and it cost me an additional $20.00 per month. I just looked at my recent bill and my son had made a call to the United Kingdom and talked for 29 minutes and the cost was 0.83 !
No complaints here.

ePro December 13, 2011 at 11:25 am

I am currently on the trial period with Comwave while I still have my Bell. But with bad feedbacks I’ve just read here on Comwave, I’m now having second thoughts about switching to them. By the way, Bell just sent me a letter re their $2/mo increase which will be effective Jan 2012. So now I’m wondering if I should still stick with them.

R. Nafziger December 24, 2011 at 12:26 pm

Thumbs Up for Primus!
I’ve had the service for years and for an average bill of $23 per month is great. Included in my bill is a $3 monthly line charge and I bought the VOIP which was about $70 making the monthly bill cheaper and in the long run the VOIP pays for itself. I believe this company offers THE MOST in features and I’ve used most of them. There are over 20 calling features with Primus, unlike Bell or Rogers who are are stingy and make you pay extra over and above the few features they give you. When you call for Service they’re very efficient, I’m extremely happy with the quality of the line, just remember if you’re downloading you’re using up a good portion of your bandwidth. So just pause or stop your download. The most interference I’ve had while downloading is a slight echo in the background which is only because of the computer is downloading at the same time. Overall I’m really happy to get away from Bell, I just wish I could’ve switched sooner to Primus, I would’ve paid off my Mortgage years sooner!

Kevin for Voange December 28, 2011 at 10:17 pm

I would like to offer my 2 cents. I switched to Vonage almost 4 years ago. There were some minor glitches in the beginning and worries about the lawsuit brought on by Verison but that has all been settled. I can honestly say that they can’t really be beat. Yes, they cost more then some but compared to Bell, Vonage has never increased the monthly fee and with respect to long distance I think they have this beat too! More long distance calling to more countries including mobiles phones in some! Rogers charges extra for long distance to other countries. I may never ever call India but it’s there if I do! And every calling feature is included! I use the email voicemail and simul-call where my house phone rings as well as mine and my wife’s cell phones at the same time. If you want bang for your buck then Vonage is the way to go, in my humble opinion. Bottom line with whichever service you select – good riddance Bell!

Zimm January 11, 2012 at 11:48 pm

I’m using Vonage 500 for the last 4 years. It has worked fine… some times I get a bit of a transformers voice but that was due to rogers not giving me my full 1meg upload as the advertised. I have switched to tecksavvey and have had no problems and amazing speeds with them. Also running my voip box on a linksys modem with dd-wrt giving my vonage adapter (not the newer router…the vrt box works just fine so far) highest bandwith priority and haven’t hand an issue.

I agree 911 has to go to the national center then transferred to my local city not the best but I have tested it twice and used it 3 times and and each time was fine.

As for power issues… well rogers system has a bat built in… Bell has batteries in the main building that would last for weeks… anyways I just have a good UPS running my router, an vonage box. btw do people realize that if the power is out there cordless phones done work??? just get two USP’s and you are solid… so cheap too.

All in all I really like Vonage have had good service was cut off once and they even called back.. Rogers and Bell would never @#$@#$ do that ever.

I like vonage cause we can take it where ever and it rings like we are home, also if the power is off we have it forward to our cell phones… we had to do some work on the house and killed the power and had absolutely no issues with it forwarding. I’m impressed with vonage. Good luck and I hope this screws over bell and rogers was with rogers internet for 11 years and was horrible, bell phone well way to long.


Zimm January 12, 2012 at 12:07 am

customer service calls with vonage are in US and sometime India, tecksavy support is in sudbury or Chatham ontario… I really like that it’s folks in ontario.

T January 15, 2012 at 8:36 pm

Good thing I found this page. I was thinking of ditching Shaw for Comwave, but I think I’ll stick with my no contract cancel anytime plan with Shaw. Comewave sounds like it’s too good to be true….there’s gotta be a catch somewhere in the fine prints.

jrod January 19, 2012 at 8:00 am

just an update to my previous post. Have since signed up to the new Magic Jack Plus ,,,,(please note PLUS) and I have to say the call quality is awesome and actually has been better than vonage. I used to get a short lag at the start of a call which I dont get anymore with Magic Jack Plus.
Major bonus is you can get a local number in Moncton, NB which is pretty rare since I haven’t seen anyone other than Bell, Rogers and Vonage that you can get a local number here. As for price total cost with shipping, taxes and my canadian phone number was $90. Next year will be $40 and that includes unlimited calling to the US and Canada, call waiting, voicemail, call display and call forwarding. As a disclaimer, although I have used their online chat support I think nothing changed there they still suck at customer service, but for less than $10 a month this year and less than $5 a month next year I will take it.

On a side note to Zimm, Even though you have your router and vonage box hooked to UPS , if the power is out for the city your internet isn’t going to work. I was doing tech support for Rogers HSI back when there was a major black out for Ontario. Power is used to boost signals through the lines , No power = no signal so although you have power for your modem there most likely isn’t a signal for it to pick up.

Til January 19, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Hey thanks everyone! Yeah, comwave calls/harasses me 2 times a week for business and after seeing the reviews here there’s absolutley NO WAY I’d deal with them. Frankly, I think it’s some boiler room from INDIA making the calls and taking our jobs. The accents are too obvious.

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