What is the future of the mobile phone?

by Guest on February 16, 2010

DickTracy I came across this article today that said, according to the ITU,  that 2010 will see 5 billion cell phone owners.

“Even during an economic crisis, we have seen no drop in the demand for communications services,” ITU Secretary-General Hamadoun Toure said in Barcelona, Spain, where the Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest conference and exhibition of mobile technology, opened on Monday.

First of all, the thought of 5 billion cell phones is just amazing.  How many of your friends and family do not own a cell phone?  How many of them have more than 2 contracts?  With over a billion people each in China and India, and just under 3/4 of a billion in all of Europe – the thought of 5 billion just blows my mind.

Jeff has made a few predictions in the past, about Wind, Public, and Dave Mobile. These are the up and coming players in the Canadian cell phone arena. Considering there are roughly 33 million people in Canada (with the conversion that works out to about 30 million US) even if every single Canadian gets two contracts, it’s still a drop in the cell phone bucket.

So I started thinking about what the future of the cell market might be, considering what we do with cell phones now, and what we can potentially do with them in the future.

What do you think the handsets of the future will be?

Will we be seeing the Dick Tracy/Buck Rogers communication devices, or will it lean more towards microscopic inserts that allowed confidential conversations, without the worry of brain cancer?

I guess the real question is, what do you want to see in your future cell phones?

For me, it should include simple things like:

  • voice dialing
  • HD video-capable camera
  • Massive storage (measured in terabytes)
  • Video conference calling
  • multitasking and working flash player (yeah – I’ve got an iPhone)
  • key control (car/house/mailbox, etc)

As well as:

  • Natural terrain GPS
  • Self/solar powered
  • Expandable screen (choose iPhone size for regular use, and iPad size for when it’s convenient)
  • Seemless transfer between wifi and cellular, but I suspect that there will be more wifi than cellular in the future
  • 1 gigabit transfer speeds
  • heart/health monitor (with optional “wife” bypass for pizza emergencies)
  • credit/debit access

Where do you see the future of cellular going in the next few years?  If we don’t start telling the manufacturers what we want to see, they will start telling us what we want – it seems to be working for Apple! 🙂

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