Comcast: To Xfinity and Beyond!

by Matt Klassen on February 18, 2010

What’s the best way to tell your customers that you’re sorry for the terrible service you’ve provided them, that you apologize for your sub-contractors killing their pets or trying to engage in sexual congress with their underage daughters, or that you promise you’ll do better next time? The best way would probably be to stop doing all those things; for Comcast, however, the answer is to develop the best futuristic, pseudo-scientific sounding name that their underpaid marketing team could come up with—Xfinity!

In a major rebranding campaign that started this past week in several major American cities sees Comcast rename all its services, Xfinity (although the company will retain the name Comcast). The change simply means that all the dissatisfied Comcast cable, internet, and phone customers will now be dissatisfied—and not to mention a little confused—Xfinity cable, internet, and phone customers. Phew! I feel better about their improved service already.  

But what kind of name is that anyways? Xfinity. As one blogger writes, “It’s infinity, which is awesome, and X, which is dangerous. It’s, like, dangerously awesome.” With a dynamic name like that, how can Comcast possibly lose? The answer is simple; if Comcast hopes that by changing the packaging of their services they will help people forget about Comcast’s dreadful past, they’re dead wrong.

For Comcast, Xfinity represents a new era in service and technological upgrades, the brand that confidently communicates innovation and a renewed commitment to network stability and advancement that has been sorely lacking these past several years…or perhaps it’ll just be the same crap, but on different, high-tech sounding pile.

I understand that drastic steps are necessary for Comcast to improve its reputation after years of poor service and network instability that has often, and always at the worst time, resulted in telephone and Internet outages. It’s difficult for companies to pull themselves up from the basement of customer-(dis)satisfaction, but rebranding is almost never the answer.

It is shameful that Comcast would try to pull this sort of rebranding stunt in this day and age. The only customer that will forget that Xfinity is actually Comcast will be my grandma, and she’ll be so confused about what a “Xfinity” is, she’ll probably cancel her service anyways. The move also smacks suspiciously of a ploy to divert attention from Comcast’s controversial takeover/merger with NBC, which seems to be working, for the moment at least.

Comcast’s one saving grace, however, may be the realization that whatever Xfinity is meant to represent, if there’s no actual substance behind it, customers won’t be fooled. “You can’t fake it,” Comcast’s senior vice president for the Greater Boston region Steve Hackley said, “You just need to get their attention.’’ Well, Xfinity certainly has got my attention, as I have to ask, is that the best name they could come up with?

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Silvana Venetto February 18, 2010 at 8:45 am

I am one of those frustrated Comcast customers. They’ll need more then a name change to fix their issues.

Jeff April February 18, 2010 at 9:46 pm

I had Comcast and then jumped on the FIOS bandwagon when they lite our community 3 years ago. I just recently re-joined Comcast based on what I had heard that they had re-invested in technology upgrades and customer service. Yes, I did have some prior bad experences before with Comcast but I have nothing but praise for their quialty of service at a better price then FIOS. I feel at present that both Verizon / FIOS and Comcast have comparable services in my area of the country. Maybe I’m more opened minded but when I saw the Xfinity commercials in my area I attributed it to Comcasts enhanced proformance of their product offerings; faster internet and more HD channel offerings, never for one minute did I think that this was another compnay other than Comcast with their logo very apparent along the bottom of the screen.

J Beski November 23, 2010 at 6:47 pm

They went by my house, left note, AND called to say I am a good customer who is paying too much. That they are Xfinity now and will up my internet speed AND include phone for a lower rate. BAIT AND SWITCH!!!!!! Before I could give up my Vonage, while Comcast was trying to port over my phone, some dummy cut off my internet. I call to say what is wrong with my internet. They say I do not have any internet!!! DUMB!!!! 3rd try on cellphone, I get a gal who says someone just put the internet back on and that I was on a promo rate. I said promo? I was not told I was on a promo that would change later on or anything. I was told that I would be only paying little over $60 a mo. Low and behold, also the internet is the same speed I had before and I , as we speak am trying to keep my Vonage until I can get a spvt in writing to tell me the rate will stay at the $60 a mo. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER trust these people again, and once a better solution is in the area, I will give them up completely for all the lies and inconveniences they have caused me,. BUYER BEWARE Xfinity=COMCAST aka BAIT-N-SWITCH!!!!!

Pamela November 28, 2010 at 1:21 pm

We have been fighting with Comast for 6 months to give us back our money … They switched us to a new program that ended up costing us allot more each month because our “promo” that we had was no longer available. We told them we did not want or did we ask for the program they put us on. They sent us a letter in writting after several months of fighting with them that they owed us the credit. Severeal more months goes by and still incorrect billing… they kept saying it would come off the next month… Finally we refused to pay them until they gave us a credit back…. They shut us off… Had a gentelman that is contracted with Comcast come and try to pick up the Comast equipment… We explained that we would give it to them once they gave us our money. He had a clip board with over 50 names on where he was to go pick up the equipment, it just like ours…. said the names were just for one day… he said he hears it all the time, everyday, same problem. He told me that the “girls in the office” told him that they credit back the customer once we return the equipment. Why not just credit back what they owe us and keep us as a cuctomer? Because they want us to pay more for their service or their new “upgraded equipment!!! Everyone… Pay Attention here… This is another attempt by Comcast to increase rates while pretending to offer you something better than they did… XFINITY!! Same S_ _ _ …. from the same compay. Watch your bills everyone… The bills went up for basic internet and they started billing you for Xfinity Internet…. which is what…. That’s right ,NOTHING!! Look at their advertising…. “What is Xfinity”…. Comast changes to all digital…. Bottom line… We are paying for them to upgrade their service to all digital so they can charge us more money. “What makes Xfinity different”? “Fastest internet sppeed” (same as before” and if you want HD you must pay for the conversion box since they are all digital… Again they can charge more for the same service with regards to internet and make us pay more for digital. “Do I have to pay more for Xfinity”/ Yes, because they already increased everyones bill in October. Oh, you did not know that? Well too late, fine print says you can’t make any changes to your service after 30 days with out having to pay money to do so…. Gotta love Em Grandma! Where is Xfintity available…. Currently only being tested in 15 cities… I’m sure you’ll see something, sometime…. don’t know what or when but go ahead and pay for it anyway. What a joke spread the word… Don’t let this corporate monkey bullshit you or your family anymore.

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