Apple Doubles iPhone 3G Download Cap to 20MB

by Gaurav Kheterpal on February 20, 2010

iPhone 3G - Double the downloads !

iPhone 3G - Double the downloads !

Internet Reports suggest that Apple has recently doubled the data download cap over 3G networks on the iPhone 3G. Previously, the download capacity of the iPhone 3G was a miserly 10 MB. The current limit of 20 MB would be a sigh of relief for a large number of iPhone 3G users who had to switch to Wi-Fi for files that were ‘too large’.

While 20 MB sounds quiet reasonable for podcasts, songs and videos, it’s clearly the case of ‘The More, The Merrier’ as far as users are concerned. So – why is there a sudden change of plans from Apple? Well, for  a start, it’s to lay the foundation for the launch of its dream tablet – The iPad which would surely require larger downloads due to high resolution graphics and bandwidth sensitive applications.

If you are an AT&T user, this news is probably more important to you than for users on other networks. It is well known that AT&T has struggled to provide decent performance for iPhone apps on its 3G network. Doubling the download capacity on the iPhone 3G may well further push the AT&T 3G network to its limits. The carrier recently announced that it will alow SlingPlayer for iPhone to run on its 3G network, therefore the move from Apple aligns well with the carrier’s ambitious 3G plans. AT&T does not have much time to get its act together as its exclusivity with iPhone ends pretty soon.

I’m not aware of an official statement from Apple on this download cap change as yet. Whether it’s a conscious move to passively advertise the iPad well before it’s available in the market or Apple has decided to be more sensitive to its users demands, it’s tough to say. Whatever be the case, its welcome news for iPhone 3G users who’ve in the past been left gasping for more download capacity.

It seems Apple finally realizes – ‘A download a day, keeps the iPhone 3G users happy’

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Written by: Gaurav Kheterpal. Follow by: RSSTwitter,, or Friendfeed

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