Public Mobile releases advance look at new stores

by Jeff Wiener on March 1, 2010

As Public Mobile gets closer to official launch, they have released pictures of the inside of their new stores.

Taken from their blog:
A number of our stores are close to being completed. We visited some of them the other day and took some pictures to give you a quick peek inside. We’re really excited as we get closer to launch and can’t wait to greet you at the door.

Although they are obviously getting closer to officially launching, I am wondering if their message might get lost amidst the clutter of marketing from both the incumbents, Bell, Rogers, and Telus, and then more so, from the aggressive marketing that Wind Mobile has been doing.

Wind launched in December 2009 and will have been operational for at least 4 months prior to Public Mobile’s launch. This will give Wind time to tweak their marketing message, fix network issues, deal with customer service related issues, hire, and build additional infrastructure, all well before Public Mobile has actually launched.

And then, I am wondering how Public Mobile will differentiate themselves ? Their message seems to be – no contracts, and unlimited talk and text for $40 / month. Is that message enough to differentiate themselves and stand out from the crowd ? The incumbents have been quite aggressive as of late, especially with their “no-frills” brands – Koodo and Fido, and Wind’s current plan isn’t that different from Public Mobile’s $40 all you can talk plan.

Mobilicity (formerly Dave Wireless) hasn’t launched yet either. They have been more subtle with their launch price plans keeping their competitive positioning, and until recently, name, a secret. I have looked through Public Mobile’s web site trying to figure out what is different about this company ? The name, web site, stores – they are all OK. BUT, they are not that much different from the rest. And in the absence of anything clearly different, the tiebreaker falls to price.

Will Public Mobile change their value proposition once launched ? Their current story isn’t that compelling !

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