by Jeff Wiener on March 2, 2010

Some tidbits from Mobilicity.

Remember Dave Wireless … they have re-branded as Mobilicity. And Mobilicity’s (maybe) new tag line might (?) be: – NO CONTRACT. NO CREDIT CHECK. UNLIMITED WIRELESS.

Although they haven’t formally announced this tag line, Mobilicity (formely Dave Wireless) did file an application with the Canadian Trade Mark Office seeking the “NO CONTRACT. NO CREDIT CHECK. UNLIMITED WIRELESS” as a registered trade mark.

Will they use this ? Who knows.

This tag line isn’t really a surprise. It demonstrates where Mobilicity will be going with their brand. Does this tag line represent anything different from what Public Mobile has announced they will be doing, or Wind Mobile is currently doing ?

Unfortunately not. But, this is a small part of the story (if they even use this).

Although the: No Contract, No Credit Check, Unlimited Wireless tag line might be unique to Mobilicity with respect to the actual wording, it isn’t that unique in marketing spirit. It seems to be where the rest of the market is headed.

Mobilicity also registered the word: MOBILICIOUS. Now what could mobilicious mean ?

The above provides a good indication of where they are going with their branding. Question is … will Mobilicity be able to differentiate themselves from their competitors in the market: Public Mobile, Wind Mobile, and the incumbents low end brands: Solo, Koodo, and Fido ?

When are they launching:
Taken from their web site:
Mobilicity holds 10 licenses that will enable us to provide services to more than half of Canada’s population in the country’s largest urban markets including, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa. We’ll be up and running in Toronto this spring and plans to launch in other markets later this year are well under way.

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