Verizon Set to Release Google’s Nexus One, and Sooner than Expected Too!

by Matt Klassen on March 2, 2010

There aren’t many surprises anymore in the tech world, with secrets, spoilers, and speculation being spread across the net like wildfire. While these spoilers certainly do ruin the surprise, they also provide valuable information for consumers who want to make informed purchases and know what new kinds of tech are coming down the road. 

So if recent reports are true, you may be well advised to hold off on purchasing that new smartphone for just a few more weeks. An anonymous Google employee recently let slip the news that the search engine giant’s Nexus One phone is coming to Verizon in a mere three weeks, with a surprise release date set for March 23rd, significantly sooner than many analysts had anticipated.

A Google spokesperson recently told eWEEK, “When we introduced Nexus One, we announced that Verizon would be a carrier partner and the device would be available in the spring. However, we haven’t announced a specific date yet.” With this recent leak, though, it now looks like that specific date is almost here. While both Verizon and Google have neither confirmed nor denied the reports, the fact that March 23rd is also the first day of the CTIA wireless conference certainly gives some credence to the speculation.

The release of the Nexus One could very well be Verizon’s marquee announcement for the conference, one that couldn’t come soon enough for those wanting to buy a Nexus One, but who remain wary of T-Mobile’s spotty 3G coverage.

I’m sure both Google and Verizon have high hopes for the success of the Nexus One, as T-Mobile, the first American carrier to release the Nexus One, has had nothing but problems. With poor 3G connectivity and issues with the phone itself, the arrangement with T-Mobile has been anything but a success for Google, and it seems the time is ripe for Google to work on a wider release for its premier device.

For Google, releasing the Nexus One on Verizon’s leading network is clearly the key for building their mobile brand, creating awareness of their Android OS, and gaining any significant mobile market share. Plus, it’ll give users a choice other than the iPhone when it comes to quality phones and useful apps, while also providing users with a semi-reliable wireless provider.

So while this early release date is purely conjecture at this point, you may want to hold off on purchasing that new phone for just a few weeks, it could be well worth the wait.

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