Rogers Introduces RedBoard

by Jordan Richardson on March 4, 2010

It looks like Rogers is finally set to face the music. They’re introduced RedBoard, a blog designed to serve as a sort of dialogue between Rogers and its customers. The company, in an introductory post on the RedBoard site, describes the blog as “a place where we can talk about our vision, explain our services and policies and geek out about the latest new technology.”

The foundation is positively there for Rogers to promote some interactivity among its customer base, but that all depends on how exactly RedBoard is run. With some corporate blogs existing as mere extended advertising spaces, the viability of RedBoard requires transparency and honesty from the hosts.

There are a number of reasons to think that RedBoard could be a bit of a mistake for Rogers, especially if you consider the rather large amount of customer complaints the company fields. Canadians in general don’t seem particularly happy with the company, so RedBoard could be their way of reaching out.

The comments section is moderated, as you might anticipate. When attempting to post a comment, users are greeted with a standard “This is a moderated blog – and we want to publish as many of your comments as possible. All comments will be reviewed by the blog moderator before posting.”

The blog is run by Keith McArthur, the director of Social Media for Rogers, and its first few topics appear to be pretty run of the mill.

It is clear that Rogers is hoping to use RedBoard to reach out to consumers or, at the very least, as an attempt to express that they’re reaching out to consumers. If they want any authenticity at all out of this rather contemptuous venture, however, Rogers will need to ensure that consumers are able to unreservedly voice complaints and criticisms without fear of editing or censorship.

For now, the comments seem reasonably sincere and evenhanded. Those commenting are rightly unconvinced about Rogers’ track record at handling customer service complaints, but McArthur does his best to alleviate any concerns.

I’ll be keeping an eye on RedBoard throughout the next few months. It’ll be interesting to see how Rogers does with this latest adventure in social media, as it could conceivably be a great way to correspond with customers. Or, conversely, it could be a giant flop and another missed opportunity.

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