Cisco CRS-3: Internet’s Need for Speed

by Gaurav Kheterpal on March 11, 2010

Lets Speed Up The Web!

Lets Speed Up The Web!

A couple of days ago, Cisco announced a new routing system (Cisco CRS-3) which is set to revolutionize the Internet speed game. Cisco’s CRS-3 offers data speeds up to 322 terabits per second, which is nearly triple its predecessor’s (CRS-1) speed and nearly a million times faster than a regular cable modem. As per Cisco, the CR-3 lays the foundation for the Next Generation Internet and opens up endless possibilities to deliver a new wave of Video, Mobile and Data Center/Cloud services. 

So, what does it imply for the future of Internet and web surfing? At 322 Tbps, the Cisco CRS-3 lets you do any of the following – download the entire printed collection of the Library of Congress in one second, download a whopping 4 billion MP3 files in less than a minute, or fetch the complete Google Earth database of images in just a couple of seconds.  As Business Insiderhighlights, the Cisco CRS-3 can let the whole of China population make a video call all at the same time. I must say that’s a phenomenal achievement considering China’s staggering population growth rate !

Cisco CEO John Chambers is bullish that the Internet will grow at nearly 200-500% every year and bandwidth intensive activities like streaming video and downloading will increase sharply with every passing year. Cisco CRS-3 is currently being tested by AT&T and both Cisco and AT&T have expressed satisfaction on the test results. 

In a press statement, John Donovan, AT&T’s CTO says 

“This successful field trial is a key milestone in our ongoing effort to deliver the industry’s most advanced and capable IP backbone network. The AT&T IP backbone network today carries nearly 19 petabytes of traffic on an average business day, supporting our wireless, wired and enterprise customers’ ever-growing demand for wireless and wired broadband applications. Research and development milestones like our 100-Gigabit trials help to ensure that the AT&T network is always ready to meet our customers’ needs.” 

The AT&T Cisco CRS-3 tests marks a series of new achievements for the communication industry including 

  • Successful single-carrier 100-Gigabit transmission with real-time coherent processing.
  • Demonstration of 100-Gigabit Ethernet single-flow router capacity.
  • Field demonstration of 100-Gigabit technology with a standards-compliant 100GBASE-LR4 single-mode MSA interface.
  • Field demonstration of a 100-Gigabit traffic generator.

Its encouraging signs for Cisco as many reports on the web suggest that CRS-3 might be the perfect answer to Internet’s need for speed.eWeek reports that the Cisco CRS-3 router looks well equipped to meet growing bandwidth demands of the Internet. Yankee Groupbelieves that with CRS-3, Cisco has set the bar to a ‘very high’ level. The pricing for CRS-3 starts at $90,000 US. 
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