Avaya IP Office Release 6 introduces Video Softphone

by Jeff Wiener on March 15, 2010

Digitcom has been working with the Avaya IP Office since release 3, and although the feature differences between release 3 to 4, 4 to 5 etc. have been subtle, a product comparison of the IP Office from release 3 to release 6 will show a considerable difference.

There are a few applications / features that have been added to release 6 that significantly enhance the product. The most notable is the introduction of video. Avaya’s soft phone, which prior to release 6 was done though Phone Manager Pro, now has video capability through a new video client. Although the first iteration of video is through the softclient only, subsequent releases will see video to the desktop, meaning you can still use the phone on your desk as the talk path but enable video to the PC.

Avaya has introduced support for 2 new sets:
The 9600 series is a higher end IP phone with an amazing full duplex speaker phone
The 1400 series is the digital version of the 1600 IP phone. We haven’t sold any of the 1600 series sets, and I can’t imagine we will sell many of the 1400 series either. I am not a fan of the paper inserts.

The balance of the changes to release 6 involve primarily hardware and license changes which make the product more competitive in the small space. That includes the introduction of a new combo card which will support 4 trunks, 2 analog stations, 6 digital stations, and 10 VCM channels – all in one card. This will allow the product to price well into the low end sub 20 space.

Release 5 introduced resiliency through IP handset re-authentication to an alternate cabinet but required the use of the Avaya SCN and shared voice mail. Release 6 expands the resiliency by allowing the remote sites to maintain their own voice mail server. In addition, the SCN (Small Community Network) now allows each site to have their own voice mail system.

If you are interested in upgrade pricing please call Digitcom at 416-783-7890.

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