Nexus One Now Shipping To Canada

by Gaurav Kheterpal on March 17, 2010

Yippee !

Yippee !

The wait is over! Google Nexus One is finally shipping to Canada. The Google Nexus One website now mentions ‘Compatible with 3G on AT&T (U.S.) and Rogers Wireless (Canada). It is ironic that Google has chosen to launch Nexus One in Canada on the same day when Flurry has declared Nexus One as a ‘grand, failed experiment’ as compared to Apple iPhone and Motorola Droid.

Canadians can now order the unlocked Nexus One through Google’s website for $529. Since the phone is unlocked, it can be used with any carrier that ‘supports’ Nexus One. Google has been trying to set a new precedent in the smart phone space by encouraging users to buy the unlocked version of Nexus One and have complete ownership over their phone. The move has been moderately successful in US and its fate in Canada remains to be seen.

Though many reports on the internet suggest that Nexus One is compatible with WIND Mobile network as well, I’m not aware of any official confirmation from Google regarding the same.  The Rogers variant uses two frequency ranges – 850 MHz and 1900 MHz which are supported by TELUS and Rogers as well. I’d hardly be surprised if it’s a matter of time before other Canadian carriers start claiming their ‘compatibility’ with Nexus One. The official Nexus One blog mentions

“Starting today, an additional version of the Nexus One is available from the Google web store that is compatible with AT&T’s 3G network. This new model can be purchased as an unlocked device without a service plan. In addition to AT&T’s 3G network, this device will also run on Rogers Wireless in Canada. And like the first version of the Nexus One, it can be used with most GSM operators globally.

Additionally, Nexus One devices can now be shipped to Canada from Google’s web store, and will work with a SIM from Rogers Wireless.”

For all you Google loyalists, there’s more good news. Android paid apps are now available to customers in Canada. Google folks promised it some time back and I’m glad that they’ve kept their promise.

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the mechanic December 3, 2010 at 6:29 pm

… $10 million??? for what? did rogers cause a fatal food poisoning outbreak? did rogers perpetrate a devastating oil spill? $10 million for doing nothing more than boasting about how good its product is in advertising material? holy smokes! since when is that illegal? the crooked federal government of canada really is shot to hell …

… this malicious prosecution was brought not by unsatisfied rogers customers but by the lawless canadian government which is being used by two of rogers’ competitors to unfairly attack the company with hateful litigation. in actual fact, the CUSTOMERS of rogers are COMPLETELY SATISFIED with the product rogers is selling …

… and why has the corrupt canadian government agreed to assist two of rogers’ rivals by undertaking a malicious prosecution against the beloved canadian institution? the reason is because the bankrupt stephen harper government is so flat broke it will go to any extreme to find easy cash, including by laying false charges against wealthy companies like this fabricated charge against rogers communications …

… on the positive side, at least the filthy canadian government is taking rogers to court as opposed to unilaterally declaring the company guilty and then issuing an outrageous fine that can’t be opposed. there is no question in anyone’s mind that when this matter is challenged in court it will be tossed out, just like the stephen harper government should be tossed out …

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