AT&T Zero Drives Stake Through the Heart of Vampire Power

by Matt Klassen on March 18, 2010

Run for the hills, there’s a vampire on the loose! But before you purchase an emergency supply of crosses, garlic, and silver stakes, it’s not your blood this vampire is after, it’s your money. If you’re even remotely concerned with the environment or green living, you have undoubtedly heard of the villain known as vampire power, sometimes also called standby power or phantom load.

The term refers to the electricity that many chargers, appliances, and other gadgets waste just by being plugged into the wall, even if they’re turned off. Did you ever wonder what powered that little red light on your TV when it was off? It’s your money, of course, and it’s being ravenously devoured without you even knowing. But why pay for a red light that provides no entertainment value whatsoever? (Unless you’re really desperate for entertainment, I suppose)

In fact, if you are in the habit of leaving your cellphone charger plugged into the socket when not in use, what you probably don’t know is that over time you will pay more for the electricity that your charger uses while not charging your phone than for the power it uses when your phone is plugged in.

While many appliances and gadgets have yet to address this issue, AT&T has taken up the cause of the environmentally conscious cellphone users and developed what they call the first “automatic zero draw charger,” known as the ZERO.

With AT&T’s ZERO you can now leave the charger plugged into the wall without having to worry about flushing your money down the toilet, as it automatically stops drawing power when no phones are connected to it.

Further, the ZERO, like many other chargers of late, is a USB-based device, meaning that you can use this environmentally-friendly device with almost any phone. While I don’t usually offer kudos to AT&T for anything they do, this ingenious creation is something to be praised…and purchased. It’s about time the rest of the tech world woke up and followed suit.

So if you’re tired of the vampire sucking your wallet dry, strike at its heart with a measly $30 (estimated price) purchase of the ZERO. Come on folks, it’s cheaper and easier than a silver stake.

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