Telus Spending Big in Alberta

by Jordan Richardson on March 18, 2010

Telus is getting set to drop a boatload of investment cash into Alberta’s infrastructure, following up on last year’s $700 million investment with another $650 million this year.

This time out, Telus is hoping to expand the reach of its internet and digital television services while also bulking up its landline system and its wireless service. The investment is meant to capitalize on customers who seek out Telus as a package provider of their phone, internet and TV services at home.

The Vancouver company is tacking this $650 million on to a previously planned investment that will help Telus provide its much-publicized national broadband network. The investment is, according to Telus, “consistent” with its fiscal forecasts.

“Since 2000, Telus has made more than $21 billion in operating and capital investments in Alberta,” president and CEO Darren Entwistle said.

It stands to reason that Telus and Canada’s other major providers would be dropping some serious cash on infrastructure now, as the future of Canada’s telecommunications industry is a little less than stable. While Telus will tell anyone who’ll listen that new companies like WIND Mobile don’t represent a threat as of yet, the continued investment by Telus, Bell and Rogers into infrastructure nationwide has to be seen, at least somewhat, as a way of battening down the hatches.

Alberta is a pretty significant entry for Telus if it intends any kind of Canadian supremacy. Globalive’s WIND recently launched in Calgary, while Mobilicity and Public Mobile are also on their way. And Shaw Communications, which just so happens to be based out of Calgary, is hoping to start its new wireless division sometime soon.

So Alberta is rich ground for Canada’s telecommunications companies and there’s a lot of money to be spent on getting customers the fastest and best service around. It boasts some of the highest access numbers in Canada, with Telus claiming that 98% of Albertans will have high speed access after the upgrades and the investments.

With Telus, Rogers and Bell controlling 95% of Canada’s telecommunications market at this point, we can expect more spending to come out of the Big Three as they pump money into provincial infrastructures to keep their stranglehold affixed as firmly as possible around the throat of Canadians.

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