The Future Is Cordless, Thanks To WiTricity

by Gaurav Kheterpal on March 18, 2010

Image courtesy Witricity

Image courtesy Witricity

Wireless electricity is no longer a distant dream, thanks to the innovative wireless technology by WiTricity Corp, a company founded by the world renowned Prof. Marin Soljacic and his colleagues from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Though WiTricity has been around since 2007, it came into the limelight during CES, 2010 by showcasing the world’s first ever completely wireless Television in collaboration with Haier America.

On first looks, Haier’s 32″ HDTV looks like any other television but there’s a remarkable difference, it has no power cord and it is powered wirelessly from a distance.  What’s more, the HTDV content can be propagated through a wireless link from a Blu-ray player.

Led by Prof. Soljacic, the WiTricity team developed a technology which uses highly resonant magnetic coupling to exchange energy between a power source and a power capture device. The power capture device can be embedded in any device (such as the Haier TV). Energy is transferred using magnetism and the system can power devices through walls and other obstructions in a manner that the companies say is safe and highly efficient. Experiments related to wireless electricity started in MIT in early 2005 and by 2007 it was clear that the technology has massive commercial potential. Assisting Prof. Soljacic is the WiTricity’s CEO, Eric Giler, a telecom veteran with more than 22 years of industry experience. Giler believes that wireless electricity is the future and WiTricity is at the helm of things in leading the adoption of wireless electricity worldwide.

The Haier TV has been a successful Proof of Concept to demonstrate that the concept is technically as well as economically feasible. The WiTricity team is confident that it can extend the technology to any electronic device and is expecting to signup its first major customer by the end of this year. WiTricity has managed to generate up to 3,000 watts power – more than sufficient to charge an electric car. It is commendable that WiTricity has managed to withstand the competition from biggies including Intel and Sony who have been trying to replicate Prof. Soljacic’s groundbreaking MIT experiment in their own research facilities. No wonder, WiTricity helped Haier bag the coveted ‘Popular Science Product of the Future’ award.

While a ‘Perfect Wireless World’ is still a long way to go, WiTricity’s team is surely doing a great job in making the future cordless!

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phonecard December 18, 2010 at 1:15 pm

I was impressed with the LF-30S. I can see how this device would come in handy for those wanting to watch television or listen to music in a place that isn’t equipped to do so otherwise, like in a garage, by a pool or in a room not wired for cable/satellite. Other uses could be listening to satellite radio in the front yard, running computer audio to a stereo on the other side of the house or sending a signal from a camera to a monitor, like for weddings, parties or security issues.

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