The Ultimate in Geek Chic, or Steampunk Junk?

by Guest on March 23, 2010

teas_7_photo For some technophiles, bleeding edge is more than just a hobby – it’s a passion.  I imagine that there are more than a few of us, er, I mean a few of you, that have to have the best, the fastest, the newest, and the shiniest tech toys on the market.

Were you the first in line for an iPhone, only to shun it when the ‘Droid finally arrived?  Are you secretly hoping that your Kindle will mysteriously break so you can rush out and buy an iPad as soon as they are available?

Are your dreams filled with showers of awe and wonder from the masses that see you as the true über geek that you are?  The thrill of being the first to own each new wonderful device is only matched by the thrill of mocking those that don’t have the newest and best.

You, my friend, are the target market for the newest, nay, the ULTIMATE in geek status symbols – the Celsius X VI II’s newest cell phone, the Papillion.

And for an introductory price of only €200,000 (CAN$276,000) you can guarantee that you are one of the few with this icon of excess.

PCMag is a little bit in love with this device that was released at the Baselworld watch show in Switzerland last week,

“hand-made art-watch with more than 600 mechanical components, many of which are visible to the naked eye.” – Sascha Segan, PCMag reporter

This handset is not merely a communication device, in fact, most of it’s owners will likely still carry some variation of a smartphone.  No, the Papillion is art that you can carry in your pocket, to be taken out and admired when you want to impress.  Whether it works or not is irrelevant.

In my current financial situation, carrying a second phone that is worth more than my home is not a wise decision.  I might feel bad if I accidently drop my iPhone and have to replace it with the newest and greatest smartphone du jour, but replacing a Papillion – that’s gonna hurt.

But, by all means, if you have the resources, I promise to shower you with awe and wonder if you will let me see it.  And you could probably catch me if I start running away with it…probably.

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