Android v2.1 Arrives for Motorola Droid…Finally!

by Matt Klassen on March 31, 2010

Verizon customers have been eagerly awaiting the planned Android v2.1 upgrade for the wildly popular Motorola Droid smartphone since…oh, about the beginning of February, when Motorola and Verizon announced its imminent release, yet nothing ever happened. With scant information available for Droid users, they were left glaring enviously at their Nexus One using neighbours who had been enjoying the significant v2.1 upgrade since the beginning of the year. Well, Droid users can stop attending those expensive counselling sessions to cope with their pent up anger and frustration, Google’s Android v2.1 is here…finally!

An internal Verizon email leaked to tech site Engadget on Tuesday morning stated that the upgrade would be available on a staggered release pattern for users beginning on March 30th at noon, with small batches being released at the outset, and larger 250,000 upgrade batches slated for release on Thursday. While it’s a welcome relief to hear that the upgrade is coming, it has no doubt still be a long week for many Droid users as waiting is still the order of the day.

For both Verizon and Motorola, there is also a palpable sense of relief that the Droid upgrade is finally ready. The phone that had once been the darling of Motorola’s line-up, being the first Android-based handset available on Verizon’s network and also the first to sport the Android 2.0 upgrade, was quickly falling out of favour with its cadre of users. The only question now is whether or not v2.1 will be enough to placate the restless masses.

But let’s face it folks, it doesn’t take much to frustrate the tech consuming public, and making mobile users angry is like shooting fish in a barrel. So while there are certainly reportsthat have surfaced that discuss at length how Verizon, Motorola, and the Droid have all had their names tarnished by the lack of information released over the last ffew weeks, I’m almost positive that by Friday the only one’s you’ll hear bringing up the frustration and anger will be bloggers who have nothing better to do. 

Because if there’s one thing that tech producers know, it’s that the only sure-fire way to satisfy a disgruntled and frustrated public is to make sure the wait was worth it, and Android v2.1 will not disappoint.

Droid users will be happy to know that the newest version of the Android OS is not simply a pointless incremental increase, but something substantial that sports some fantastic new features. As PC World reports, with Android 2.1, Droid users will finally get access to multitouch pinch-to-zoom capabilities, as well as improved pattern-lock functionality, the Gallery feature (for viewing images), and a Google Maps app.

While the Droid will not sport all the features that users enjoy on the Nexus One, the upgrade will certainly give the Motorola phone the latest and greatest in Android technology and user interface upgrades; enough, at least, to quiet the disgruntled masses… for the time being at least.

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