Apple To Preview iPhone OS 4.0 On Thursday

by Gaurav Kheterpal on April 6, 2010

iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Coming This Week

iPhone OS 4.0 Preview Coming This Week

Even before the hype and excitement surrounding the iPad launch could settle down, Apple has shifted its focus back to another bestseller – The iPhone. In a move that has caught most industry analysts off-guard, Apple this morning sent e-mails inviting press to a sneak preview of the next-generation iPhone operating system. “Get a sneak peek into the future of iPhone OS,” the email invitation reads and provides no further explanation.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, 10 a.m. PT at Apple headquarters. So far, Apple has closely guarded all secrets related to iPhone OS 4.0 and Thursday’s event will open the Pandora’s Box on the latest iPhone OS.

Rumors on the internet suggest that enhanced multitasking might finally arrive on the iPhone in the next iPhone OS. The current iPhone OS (3.0) only allows a few core apps to run in the background while another app is running in the foreground. Enhanced multitasking ranks pretty high on the wish list of most iPhone users. To enable multi-tasking in iPhone OS 4.0m Apple might take a cue from ‘Expose’, a MacOS utility that enables users to see all open applications in an exploded view and quickly switch between them.

As per a report from Appleinsider, iPhone OS 4.0 might also offer a global inbox that can merge multiple e-mail accounts into a unified view, as well as the ability to add specific contact names as icons on the iPhone’s home screen. Further, Apple might choose to add a GPS navigation tool in iPhone OS 4.0 to counter the threat of similar offerings from Google and Symbian. There’s also excitement about whether Adobe Flash will see the light of the day on iPhone OS 4.0. Going by the current state of affairs between Apple and Adobe, I’d be surprised if Apple does indeed offer Flash support in the latest iPhone OS.

There’s no doubt that the folks at Apple are keeping a close eye on the recent developments in Android and Symbian, so I’d be surprised if Apple doesn’t pull something special out of the bag to reassert it’s position in the mobile operating system marketplace. 

The iPhone OS 4.0 secret will be out on Thursday. Until then, keep your fingers crossed. If you are an iPhone, iPod (or a recent iPad) user, I’d love to hear what you want in iPhone OS 4.0. Have any comments? Keep ‘Em Coming!

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