Apple hearts April – iPad, OS 4.0 – what’s next?

by Guest on April 7, 2010

In an announcement that shocked and awed those that are easily shocked and certainly odd, Apple has shared that they are having another event in April, and this big event is only a few days away.

iphone 4.0 OS

If you didn’t know that Apple had a major event over this past weekend, you likely don’t have the internet, don’t watch TV, and don’t read the newspapers.

From appearances on the Colbert Report, the Tonight Show, Letterman, and even sitcoms like Modern Family, it seemed like there was finally  something more newsworthy than the saga of Conan O’Brien.  And we can’t forget about the iPad’s starring role over at blendtec’s “will it blend?”

But was Apple content to rest on their laurels after a successful launch of the iPad (if success can be measured as over 300,000 units sold in one day)?  Nope.  The fruity fellows in Cupertino announced that on April 8th, they will be sharing a glimpse of what we can expect in the next iteration of the iPhone OS.

Speculation on the new OS has been as rampant as ever, but here are a few of the more juicy features rumored to be in the new firmware:

  • Multitasking – Sure, you can listen to music while you read your email – but what if you want to stream your tunes while reading your online newspaper.  Perhaps 3rd party multitasking will finally be resolved on Thursday.
  • Multi-touch gestures – you’ve got more than two fingers.  Wouldn’t it be nice if your phone could use them all?
  • Universal Inbox – I’m a bit leery of this feature, as I like the idea of having my personal and professional emails separate.  But apparently there are some folks looking forward to this feature.
  • Available only on 3G/3Gs – of all the rumors, this is the one that I hope isn’t true.  I have no idea how I am going to explain to my wife why I need a new phone to replace my first gen iPhone…

The good news is, we only one more day to worry about what the new OS will consist of, and then a few more days after that until the announcement that it has been jailbroken.

Congratulations to Apple for making the beginning of April entertaining – I sure can’t wait to see what they have planned for next week!

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