Sick of Your iPhone? T-Mobile Offers You the HD2 in the World’s Worst Sales Gimmick

by Matt Klassen on April 7, 2010

Are you sick of your iPhone? Tired of the intuitive user interface, the nifty touchscreen, the unbeatable App store? Of course you are. Who wouldn’t be?! Because we all know that after awhile it just gets boring owning one of the best (and certainly one of the most popular) smartphones on the market, so why not experiment with something else. If this sounds like you—sick and tired of Apple and their creative products—then good news! Your day is about to get considerably better.

T-Mobile has launched what might be considered the world’s worst promotional campaign to help lure iPhone users away from their beloved device with the promise of significant credit towards the purchase of HTC’s high-end HD2 smartphone. In a leaked internal memo, T-Mobile laid out the promotional strategy for its participating vendors, which will see interested customers receiving a $100 to $350 credit towards this supposed upgrade, depending on the condition of their trade-in iPhone.

While the HD2 does currently occupy what many techie aficionados consider the bleeding edge of technological development for smartphones, it has one significant drawback which, in my mind, would mean that you would have to really hate your iPhone and just be plain ol’ crazy to take this deal.

Although if there really is someone out there that’s tired of their iPhone (or perhaps just tired of AT&T), this may in fact be the deal for you. If years of being trapped in rigid and unforgiving contracts have you longing for that comforting locked-in sort of feeling, you could conceivably walk into T-Mobile with your iPhone and walk out with an HD2 absolutely free (with a contract for the next 3 years of course).

If those years of rigid contracts have sent you to therapy, however, trading in a mint-condition iPhone will take $350 off the $450 sticker price for purchasing the HD2 outright. But hold on there a second, before you get too excited, do you even know anything about the HD2?

From T-Mobile’s perspective, the release of the iPad this past weekend is a boon for HD2 business, as iPhone users who were lucky enough to get their hands on an iPad can now stop using their innovative and enjoyable iPhone. The reason? Since they now have the iPad for their Apps, they can trade in their phone with a clear conscience and finally move to something far more technologically advanced.

It is true that the HD2 sports an impressive array of specs, with a 1-Ghz processor, a high-resolution touchscreen and a 16-GB memory card. But before you think that the HD2 has been sent from on high to break the bonds of the oppressive iPhone, consider the fact that it runs Windows Mobile 6.5. Now sure 6.5 is the best Windows Mobile available to date, but with the Christmas season a little over half a year away, the release of Windows Phone 7—notably with no backward compatibility—is sure to render advanced devices like the HD2 all but obsolete.

So while this deal may appeal to a select few people out there that really don’t like user friendly devices, and who really do like soon-to-be outdated tech, there seems to be very little reason why anyone would be lured by T-Mobile’s promotional campaign, which is certainly destined to become the world’s most least successful sales gimmicks. Not only does the HD2 not offer the same user interface or App store experience, with the impending announcement of Apple’s OS 4.0 for the iPhone, users would be crazy to switch phones now.

But hey, if you’re one of those who just can’t stand their iPhone then perhaps you’re just wacky enough to think that T-Mobile is throwing you a lifeline here, instead of seeing that they’re really just trying to drown you with a long-term contract on an obsolete phone.

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Howie April 7, 2010 at 1:29 pm

Wow your sarcasm wasn’t lost on me.

I dont even carry a cellphone…. I lead a simple life I suppose.
I am a tech nut though and enjoy technology, I am also a web-developer.

I loved your article .. hard-hitting, critical and informative.

My daughter is a MAC user and she is attached to her iMac and iPod, Apple does have the market corneded on Fun, intuitive and well-designed.

evosero October 14, 2011 at 8:32 am

Owning an iPhone is like having a great-looking luxury sedan with 450 hp V10, 20″ alloy wheels, heated leather seats with fully automatic controls and a top of the line touch nav system with 10 speaker audio system, except the manufacturer has intentionally disabled the heater and window defrosters.

Despite all the things an iPhone does well, it will pick and poke at you with endless small annoyances day after day. Get used to the catchphrase “Why can’t I do [insert task]?” and “Oh, they just don’t let me do that?”

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