Nokia Reveals Symbian^3 Users Wishlist

by Gaurav Kheterpal on April 12, 2010

Symbian^3 User Wishlist

Symbian^3 User Wishlist

In an interesting initiative, Nokia conducted a survey among users as to what capabilities they would most like to see in the new operating system, Symbian^3. The poll was posted on the Nokia Conversations blog and drew attention from Symbian enthusiasts worldwide. The poll results indicate that as much as 27 percent of users crave for next-generation graphics as the most desirable feature in Symbian^3.

The demand for multitouch gesture support takes the second place with every one out of five users voting for it. As much as 19 percent of the users wanted multitouch to be implemented. Other features which rank high on most users Symbian^3 wishlist includes a new homescreen, better memory management, single-tap interaction, smart network management, one-click connectivity and HDMI support. Apparently, Nokia will take into account the wishlist of its fans to develop the roadmap for Symbian, as well as mobile devices based on it.

IMO, there’s nothing too surprising about the poll results. The launch of iPhone revolutionized the mobile phone graphics few years back and since then most users have an addiction for high end graphics. The new graphics on Symbian^3 will see features and tricks such as fades and transitions when browsing photos or various screens, a semi transparent UI and overlays across applications. Sounds impressive but that’s not all, the improved 2D and 3D graphics will also provide a platform for high performance games. That too, all this without slowing down the device.

There’s no doubt that Symbian has its task cut out amidst stiff competition from iPhone OS, Android and RIM’s Blackberry OS. Being a strong open source proponent myself, I firmly hope that Symbian can bring about a revolution in operating systems for mobiles, similar to what Linux did for operating systems for computers.

It is expected that the first Symbian^3 based phone will arrive by the second half of this year. Though I personally believe that this poll might be too late considering that Symbian^3 is at a fairly advanced stage of development, Nokia might take a leaf out of this book to prepare itself for Symbian^4. What do you think? Is Symbian^3 capable of taking on iPhone OS 4.0, Blackberry OS and Android? I’ll be glad to hear your opinion.

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