AT&T Gives Up Ad War With Verizon

by Gaurav Kheterpal on April 19, 2010

AT&T has hung up it’s boots in the latest advertising battle with Verizon Wireless and the carrier is dumping its ad campaign responding to rival Verizon’s slams on its wireless phone coverage.

The trouble began between these two carriers last year when Verizon unveiled a clever tagline, “There’s a Map for That” and made a mockery of AT&T’s 3G coverage. AT&T was quick to hit back with a series of advertisements featuring Luke Wilson that defended its network and blasted Verizon at its inability to handle voice and data calls simultaneously.

AT&T debuted its ‘Rethink Possible’ Ad Campaign last weekend during the Masters Golf tournament. The Ad Campaign featured five ads that are described as “whimsical fantasy” with childlike drawings prancing through a city and touts grand visions for untethered Internet access and avoids tearing down its top competitor.

Both companies have already spent millions of dollars in this Ad War which has often turned ugly and prompted lawsuits with both carriers accusing each other of outright lying in their advertisements. IMO, it’s difficult to determine who won this dreaded war. However, it is certain that Verizon is not giving up the battle as of now. What’s worse, many small carriers including T-Mobile and Sprint have suffered due to dirty advertising by the two biggest carriers in United States.

Ad war is just one of the many battles that AT&T and Verizon and embroiled in. Both companies are working overtime to beef up their networks for 4G compatibility. Verizon has managed to snatch away AT&T’s iPhone exclusivity. Verizon is expected to release a new campaign with the intended audience being businesses. I’m not sure if it will continue its attacks on AT&T’s wireless coverage with the new ad campaign. I hope that sense prevails and the new ad campaign highlights about Verizon’s competencies rather than AT&T’s incompetencies. In the last quarter, Verizon continued to emerge as the biggest provider and added 2.2 million subscribers to finish the year with 91.2 million customers. AT&T, the second biggest, added 2.7 million subscribers to finish with 85.1 million.

AT&T has declined to comment on how much it is spending on the new campaign. Anyway, it’s nice to see that AT&T has decided to step back and is now rebranding itself on a positive note. After all, it is high time and in a war, someone has to give in.

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