Stanley Cup Playoffs Go Mobile

by Jordan Richardson on April 19, 2010

If you’re like me, you’ve probably wondered if it was at all possible to check out exciting National Hockey League playoff action on your tiny mobile device screen. After all, it’s easy to get tired of watching hockey on your enormous high-definition television. For those of us who are just sick and tired of checking out the post-season at the neighbourhood pub surrounded by drunken crazies, Bell has the answer.

By signing agreements with TSN and RDS, Bell Canada is now offering the Stanley Cup playoffs on mobile devices. This is a follow-up to Bell’s Olympic coverage on mobile TV, which brought the 2010 Games to Bell phone subscribers.

The coverage is offered as part of Bell’s Unlimited NHL package and costs $8 per month plus other applicable data charges. For the monthly fee, you can have access to all TSN, RDS and CBC Stanley Cup playoff games and live audio broadcasts of all of the games. Video highlights, streaming video of classic games, podcasts, special event coverage, interviews, and “expert fantasy insight” are also included.

Oh, and you can get official NHL ringtone and wallpaper downloads for your mobile device as well.

Obviously the idea of watching three hours or more of hockey action on a mobile screen isn’t a very exciting one, but in all reality this package is probably best for people who couldn’t otherwise see the games on proper televisions or in proper settings. Honestly, who would actually choose to watch a full hockey game on a mobile device?

Mobile TV is supposed to be a significant offering from the providers, but I just can’t get into it. I don’t mind checking out the odd 30-second video clip of kittens frolicking around or some fat guy falling off a ladder, but the notion of watching hours of content on my mobile phone doesn’t appeal to me and the idea of watching movies or full hockey games, let alone playoff games, just isn’t for me.

So sure, some people might be able to get into watching serious content on their mobile phones, but I’m not among those numbers just yet. Maybe one day I’ll count myself among the converted, but for the time being I prefer checking out my playoff action on a screen where I can actually see the puck and will actually notice when the Vancouver Canucks kick some Los Angeles King ass.

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