Rogers Goes Extreme

by Jordan Richardson on May 21, 2010

Rogers is going Extreme with text messaging, offering its customers a new customizable service that will allow those manic texters the ability to customize their message with a personal signature and the ability to set up distribution lists.

Rogers is saying that the service is a first in North America. Customers with existing text plans will be able to get in on the Extreme Text Messaging service for no additional cost.

The effort here is to help people customize their text message experience, much in the same way people customize their email accounts. Rogers is hoping to continue to catch the wave of communication and hopes that offering more of these sorts of options will keep customers happy and in data plans that focus heavily on text messaging services.

“People want to stay connected with their friends and family, any time, any place and texting is on the rise as is the personalization of communications,” said Raj Doshi, VP, Mobile Product Management, Rogers. “The Rogers Extreme Text Messaging service is designed to help make texting more personal by bringing new individualized features to our customers’ plans and making the experience as easy to use as email.”

Rogers is basing a lot of this extreme venture on research that indicates that 63% of texters use text messages to send “quick bits” of information. Further research, conducted for Rogers by Harris/Decima, discovered that 65% of texters wish that they could do more with their text messaging services. Another 35% said they wished they could block certain text message numbers.

According to research from the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, text messaging is something that continues to rise. 35.9 billion text messages were sent in 2009 by Canadians, marking a 70% increase over the previous year.

Telecommunications companies know that text messaging is where the industry is at right now. How long it will last is still a mystery, but Rogers is hoping that this Extreme Text Messaging service will help keep the customers they already have and even wrangle a few new ones.

Whether “Extreme” plans like this will be the wave of the future in Canada remains to be seen, but we probably can assume that we’ll start to see more of these sorts of customizable features in some of the other providers.

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