Public Mobile to launch May 26th, 2010. After the first year one of the new entrants will be in desperate shape

by Jeff Wiener on May 22, 2010

Public Mobile will officially launch May 26th in Toronto and June 25th in Montreal according to a Toronto Star article.

Public Mobile does not have a data offering at launch, and although the company is targeting the average consumer, launching with a $40 all you can talk and text plan, it leaves no upgrade potential for their customer that perhaps wants to upgrade to include a data plan at some point in the future.

Of course, the incumbent carriers, recognizing the new competitive landscape, have improved their pricing and marketing plans. Telus has been heavily marketing their Koodo cell brand. But, the stigma of years of bad service, greed, and monopolistic enterprising could cost them many customers, if for no other reason than spite.

Mobilicity and Wind Mobile, both also new cell carriers, will add additional competition to the market making it even more difficult for these new carriers to succeed.

I’m wondering if there is enough cell market to go around – can they all really make a profit ? The big players have deep pockets, and luckily for Public Mobile they got a great bargain on their cell license. It really will be a survival of the fittest, and I expect that after the first year one of the new entrants will be in desperate shape. The cell market is becoming extremely IP centric – sure, Public Mobile’s rates may be good, but, customers are adopting IP and data plans at rapid rates. Public Mobile’s decision to not launch with a data plan could be there downfall. I’m sure hoping not though – we need these new players to keep Rogers, Bell, and Telus honest.

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peter May 27, 2010 at 1:39 pm

i think public mobile will be the best alternative, especially with there own network under construction instead of piggy banking on rogers/bell like the other competitors.
sure we want data, but how much do we honeslty pay for talking and texting a month alone?
$200? $150? $500?

40$ is sure a hell of a lot better.
I always have my laptop.

; )

Amy May 27, 2010 at 2:00 pm

i just got a pm phone, and it is incredible!
reception is great, unlimited talk time. I mean i hated counting minutes with my other providers.
How annoying is that?!

wish good things for them

Chad May 27, 2010 at 2:05 pm

I agree, data is great, but lets face it, its more for kids to show off.
this is what most people need, less distractions, and just be able to talk to the people that matter most in there life.
Unlimited = best thing ever!
thx pm

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