Update on Tuesday’s Plagiarism issue

by Jeff Wiener on May 27, 2010

It looks like Tuesday’s plagiarism issue has been cleared up. It was a rather unfortunate situation, and although I am not sure why it happened in the first place I am not that interested in spending the time to find out.

It seems that the court of public opinion played a much larger influence than the threat of legal action. What isn’t disputed is that Digitcom’s web site was plagiarized. Fortunately there was a fairly large outcry of public support against TRC (you can read the comments here), and I believe that it was Tuesday’s post, and possible threat of a follow-up, that resolved the issue expeditiously. I suppose you wouldn’t expect any less considering the publicity of being featured on a widely read blog.

Fortunately I can move on and not waste unnecessary dollars on our legal system. Hopefully case closed.

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