Update: Microsoft Fires Back at Google, “Windows Is Secure…Even Hackers Think So!”

by Matt Klassen on June 3, 2010

When I heard yesterday that Google had laid some of the blame for the disastrous cyber-attack it experienced last year at the feet of Microsoft and its famous Windows operating system, I just knew Microsoft wouldn’t take it lying down. Today my thoughts were confirmed, as Windows Community Manager Brandon LeBlanc fired back at both the search engine giant and the report from the Financial Times, challenging the latter to get its facts straight on the issue of Windows security.

LeBlanc challenges both the assertion that Windows is the most vulnerable operating systems on the market and the claim that it is far more susceptible to viruses and hacks than other competing operating systems. Instead, LeBlanc argues, Windows is routinely lauded by companies around the world for its unsurpassed security and safety and, in fact, even hackers think that Windows is secure…except for Chinese hackers of course.

While I have to laugh at LeBlanc’s defense that even hacker’s think Windows is safe, when clearly the issue at stake is the relative ease with which these sophisticated hackers were able to break through Windows security systems, LeBlanc’s overall point is well taken.

The truth is, every operating system on every device on the planet has its vulnerabilities, and the fact that Macs or Linux-based systems haven’t experienced such devastating hacks is more likely the result of nothing important being on any of those systems, instead of being a testament to their enhanced security measures.

Further, as LeBlanc writes, the fact that Mac is now increasingly experiencing security threats to its system is evidence that with the increased popularity and demand for a particular operating system comes with it increased attention by the world’s most dangerous hackers.

Perhaps some credence could be given to Google’s claims against Windows if some anonymous Chinese hackers were to proclaim the immense difficulty of hacking into other systems, compared to the relative ease with which they cracked Windows security.

But that aside, one thing has become abundantly clear to me with this story: Microsoft does not read my posts here at theTelecomblog.com. For shame! If they had read my post yesterday they would have realized that Google laying the blame on Windows for unsatisfactory security is merely a clever ruse, smoke and mirrors used to defer our attention away from Google’s true intentions; they’re just not that fond of Microsoft, and who could blame them? For me, at least, Windows doesn’t seem to be all that good, and thanks to a timely Blue-Screen-of-Death, this is the second time today I’ve come to this conclusion. 

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