The iPhone 4 Delivers! Now Can AT&T and Canadian Carriers Keep Pace?

by Jeff Wiener on June 10, 2010

I will say that I generally refrain from entering into the same controversial waters that several of’s other writers delve into with relative frequency. So with that said, I was particularly excited about Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 4, as being a longtime fan of Apple’s products and an, admittedly, doe-eyed lover of my own iPhone, I was excited to hear what upgrades and features the newest member of the Apple iPhone family would sport… and I wasn’t disappointed.

In fact, aside from my always controversial staff of writers, I do believe the only one across the continent not blown away by the iPhone 4 is the company that’s going to have to make room for all the new phones on its struggling wireless network, AT&T.

One thing that I was hoping, although not realistically expecting to see from Monday’s announcement was the unveiling of additional American carriers for Apple’s flagship phone; for if there’s one thing American’s deserve, it’s multiple targets at which to aim their ongoing network discontent. While unfortunately no announcement seems to be forthcoming, on Monday AT&T quite possibly made one of the biggest blunders it could have made while defending its exclusivity agreement with Apple; it embarrassed Steve Jobs at the WWDC.

Verizon is looking pretty good right about now.

For those who missed it, I had to laugh when Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs, looking to demo the iPhone 4’s updated processor and mobile Internet surfing speed, met with an unintentional hiccup in his attempt to connect to AT&T’s network. Then, during that momentary blip on Steve Jobs well practiced performance, one quick-witted member of the audience yelled out what all my friends in the American tech and telecom industries have been saying for a while, “Try Verizon!”

It remains a mystery to me why Apple continues to exclusively trust AT&T with all its device’s network needs, a task that AT&T has never really looked prepared for. With its astoundingly high dropped-call rate, the fact that AT&T’s network coverage is spotty at best, and the fact that the wireless network giant is moving at a snail’s pace to improve its overall network capacity, it makes me glad that I live in Canada, a place where I have three different disappointing carriers to choose from.

But with all this aside, I can hardly wait to get my hands on the new iPhone 4. Not even the revelation that the new iPhone 4 will initially only be available on Rogers and Fido networks or the rumor that it won’t be available in Canada until the end of July (several weeks after its American release) are enough to dampen my enthusiasm. With its upgrade iOS 4, the addition of multitasking, video chat, faster processor speeds, and its sleek and slim new design, what’s not to love about this phone?

In the end, while I understand the world craves that next innovative and creative technological device, realistically what I crave is an advanced iPhone that once again finds itself at the top of the mobile market, and it’s clear to me that the iPhone 4 has delivered that.

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Alex O June 10, 2010 at 5:09 pm

I totally agree with you. iOS4 looks brilliant. Although I am looking closely at the offerings from HTC that run Android. Maybe one day our Canadian Carriers will start having them among their lineups.
I recently returned from a trip to Los Angeles and I can attest to the terrible quality of AT&T’s service. Having said that, the problem at Jobs Keynote presentation at WWDC was not the fault of AT&T. On the other hand, a couple of days later a major Security lapse on ipad and iphone accounts was indeed AT&T’s fault. Go figure.
Hope Verizon will get the next iphone, or I’ll try HTC’s Incredible, which looks very impressive.

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