RIM Caves to Middle East Security Concerns…But Your Blackberry has Never Been Safer

by Matt Klassen on August 4, 2010

With both Google and Microsoft embroiled in longstanding disputes with the Communist government of the People’s Republic of China, one might think that Research in Motion (RIM), one of the world leaders in mobile device sales, was beginning to feel left out. However, in a move that again smacks of totalitarian regimes attempting to exercise paranoid control over the mobile world and the Internet, several Middle Eastern countries have threatened to ban RIM’s ubiquitous Blackberry device.

The complaint? Blackberrys are just too darn hard to crack, meaning that it’s far too difficult for those authoritarian governments to enforce certain laws (laws against government criticism, laws against viewing porn etc…).

But what this means for you (unless you’re planning on traveling to the Middle East) is that there are few choices safer for your business’s mobile needs than a Blackberry.

While it now looks like RIM is caving to the demands of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) and other countries around the world, offering up limited access to the impenetrable security fortress that surrounds the Blackberry, there is one silver lining to this story: If you use a Blackberry, your information is safe. Guaranteed!

Despite RIM’s apparent inability to innovate and create top end marquee mobile products, one thing has become abundantly clear to me, when it comes to mobile security, no one beats RIM.

While I would wager that the government security hackers employed by the U.A.E. and other Middle Eastern countries may not quite be up to par with our own local brand of hackers, you can be sure that totalitarian regimes spend quite a bit of money on security. This means that if there are hackers for hire, these countries, which have become extremely wealthy on the backs of their natural resources, will pay handsomely to employ them.

But with the difficult choice between ruining their brand reputation—phones noted for their security—or capitalizing on a growing Middle Eastern market, it looks like RIM has chosen the latter, choosing money over user privacy.

While this unfortunate decision will affect all people, nationals and foreigners alike, in several countries throughout the Middle East, the fact that Blackberrys continue to be next to impossible to crack is a sign that companies here in North America really only have one choice when it comes to upholding the privacy of their businesses, and that choice is Blackberry.

The simple fact is, amidst almost daily stories of the security flaws in several major operating systems such as Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone OS, it’s refreshing to hear that there is one company that cares about security; it’s just a shame that RIM cares about money just a little more.

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