Rogers Launches Community Forums

by Gaurav Kheterpal on August 5, 2010

Rogers yesterday announced the launch of ‘Rogers Community Forums’, a web-based portal for customers to find solutions to technical issues, ask and reply to questions as well as discuss Rogers products and services. The portal is available in English and French.

Earlier in March this year, the carrier launched RedBoard – a blog designed to serve as a sort of dialogue between Rogers and its customers. While the idea of RedBoard was to engage customers online to solicit feedback about Rogers’ products, it has turned out to be a double-edged sword for the carrier – the blog receives loads of ‘pats on the back’ and there’s no shortage of ‘kicks on the butt’ either.

While I’m all for improving customer service using innovative means, I’m not sure if the coexistence of RedBoard and Community Forums is the best way forward for Rogers. Too many choices can often lead to nowhere and I’m somewhat worried that Rogers may be in for further harsh treatment from customers on its new forums. Rogers is trying to make the most out of social media in order to reach out to customers – the intentions are good, time will tell how good the execution is.

As on most forums, you need an account to participate on Rogers Community Forums, though you can search, read and share content without signing-up on the site. You can sign up for a My Rogers profile here or by clicking “Register” underneath the search bar on the forums. Rogers RedBoard features an introductory video for users on how then can register and participate on Community Forums.

When it comes to customer service, I’ve always admired Wind Mobile for the professional manner in which it manages its online community. You have the latest announcements, blog posts by top management and customer interaction threads on the same page – simple, neat and mighty effective!

I find it appalling that Rogers didn’t even ensure that customers can navigate to the ‘Community Forums’ through its website. Click on the ‘SUPPORT’ menu in the top bar on the Rogers homepage, it shows you a ‘More Information’ menu with ‘Community Forums’ listed as the last entry, just below ‘Customer Commitment’. Call it ignorance or the routine copy paste error, the ‘Community Forums’ link actually takes you to the ‘Customer Commitment’ page. I’m sure Rogers will fix it as soon as they read this or if they actually manage to find it themselves.

(Just received an update from Rogers: “Just wanted to let you know we’re aware of the problem and fixing it as I type this.” These guys are quick, no doubt about that!) 

Good luck Rogers!

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