Avaya announces IP Office 6.1 and some discussion of the future release IP Office 7.0

by Jeff Wiener on August 6, 2010

Avaya just announced their roadmap for Avaya IP Office 6.1 and Avaya IP Office 7.0. This announcement has been anticipated for some time as it highlights the integration strategy for older Nortel telephone sets into the IP Office platform. The roadmap breaks into two, end of 2010 and beginning of 2011.

Estimated for November 2010, software version IP Office 6.1 is set to be released with the following enhancements:

– Nortel IP Phone 1100 and 1200 IP Sets will begin to work on the Avaya IP Office system. The sets will have ‘limited’ functionality until the next release of software
– Interoperability in mixed BCM/IPO environments
– Simplified voicemail server setup with a Linux DVD which will automate setting up the voicemail and one-X portal. This will also eliminate the requirement for costly Microsoft Windows Licensing.
– SIP Trunk support will be improved
– Multi-site management to be improved
– iGoogle-style customizable one-X portal
– CCR user interface and report detail improvements

Estimated for February 2011, version IP Office 7.0 will provide the following key feature enhancements:
– Nortel IP Phone 1100 and 1200 sets will have more features added
– Nortel Digital T7xxx, M7xxx, Digital Mobility phones and Nortel Audio Conferencing Units set to work
– Digital sets will require a new IP Office card or expansion chassis which will allow for both Avaya and Nortel sets to work on the same system simultaneously.
– BCM Migration wizard for moving over all settings/voicemail greetings/etc to IP Office Platform
– Interoperability between BCM, IP Office, CS1000 and Avaya Aura.
– Lower end Nortel sets will not be supported on IP Office and they will need to be replaced.

The BCM solution will not be discontinued until full integration of most sets into the IP Office platform is complete, it was advised however that for any ‘Greenfield’ installation the BCM is probably not the best option as the IP Office and Avaya SCS platforms are the two that will continue to be supported long term.

Published as a guest post and written by Matt Gorgun

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