The Tablet Flood Descends Upon Us

by Matt Klassen on August 6, 2010

Though it was only a few short months ago that the likes of Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard (HP) shelved their respective tablet projects, it looks like the race to compete with the iPad is on again, with product speculation surrounding almost every major player in the tech/telecom industry.

If this recent speculation proves true, however, it looks like most companies are taking the right approach to dethroning Apple’s dominant iPad; create a product that is easier to use, is more powerful, and does more than Apple’s incumbent market leader. The question remains, however, will any of these companies actually be able to pull it off?


Research in Motion has been in the news a great deal lately, as the company continues its media blitz surrounding its newest Blackberry Torch 9800. While the Waterloo based company clearly looks like its throwing all its eggs in the Torch basket, there is speculation that the company known for its inability to innovate is developing its own slate device, tentatively known as the “Blackpad.” While there is no solid information regarding RIM’s foray into tablet technology, insiders report it will be ready before Christmas.


I’m not quite sure if there’s been a tech company that Verizon hasn’t been connected to with regards to the production of the latest and greatest tablet device, but the latest news has the telecom giant partnered with Motorola, the maker of many of Verizon’s most popular Android smartphones.

The genius behind this tablet, however, is that it offers a different approach to the entire market in general, focusing more on providing a portable TV and communications centre rather than doing whatever it is that the iPad actually does. Early reports indicate that the tablet will be connected to Verizon’s FiOS TV service, offering users the ability to have premium digital cable on their tablet device. If Verizon manages to pull this off, it looks like it will have produced a worthy competitor not only for the iPad, but for NetFlix and Hulu Plus as well.


While this latest report regarding satellite TV provider Dish Network doesn’t officially qualify as a new tablet device, it certainly affects everyone who owns a mobile device (tablets included). It looks like Dish Network is set to offer its popular Slingbox service to all major mobile devices, including most major smartphones, tablets, and MP3 devices. The only catch though, you’ll need to own a Slingbox to utilize the service.

Although these stories make up the most important three of the week, with the added news that the likes of Cisco, Sony, Asus, Dell, Toshiba (to name a few) are preparing to release their own offerings as well, it is quickly shaping up to be the great tablet Christmas of 2010.

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