PSP Meets Smartphone: Sony Ericsson Set to Release High-End Gaming Phone

by Matt Klassen on August 18, 2010

There’s a new Playstation Portable (PSP) commercial (click here to view) that has hit the airwaves, one touting the gaming strengths of Sony Ericsson’s portable device over the iPhone. Over what!? You heard me right, the iPhone. At first glance one might wonder why Sony would take this angle in an ad, pitting two devices of completely different tech genres against each other. It just doesn’t make sense.

Now imagine that Sony Ericsson was set to unveil its latest creation, a mobile smartphone gaming platform sporting Android 3.0 and capable of running PSP and PSX games. In this dream world, suddenly a commercial boasting the dominance of the gaming abilities of Sony’s mobile products doesn’t seem so crazy after all.

Now stop dreaming. 

If you’re a gaming fan, this is, simply put, the phone you’ve been waiting for…probably.

While no one can deny that to this point gaming on the Android has been anything but mind blowing thus far, it really looks like all that is about it change. The strange thing is, however, that Sony Ericsson, a company known more for its gaming prowess and less for its mobile dominance, has yet to produce anything recently in the cutthroat smartphone market. Further, we haven’t even see Sony produce anything that runs any of the recent Android v2 upgrades.

Beyond that, producing a hybrid mobile device has never been successful, as if there’s one thing the mobile market has demonstrated time and again, a jack of all trades is a king of none, and no one wants a phone that does multiple thing poorly. So the question becomes, will Sony Ericsson have any success at producing such a hybrid device?

Tentatively, I would have to say yes.I can’t think of many other companies that have the same gaming chops and mobile experience as Sony Ericsson, but the real success of the device will hinge solely on its ability to compete as a smartphone.

Don’t forget, Sony Ericsson has already released its diminutive PSP Go, a handheld gaming platform that has a QWERTY-style D-pad and PSP controls that pop out of the bottom of the device, so we already know what the user interface and gameplay experience will be like.

But it’s a completely different question as to whether or not Sony Ericsson can, as the rumours have it, produce a top spec smartphone; one that rivals the market leaders in terms of speed, functionality, and user interface. If Sony Ericsson can do this, it may have a mobile bonanza on its hands. If it can’t, well it’ll just have another mobile gaming platform that only kids want to buy. Now hold on while I text this to my grandma.

Photo c/o Engadget

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