The Future is Here: Cisco Looks to Corner Business Video Communications Market with Latest Acquisition

by Matt Klassen on August 31, 2010

Last week the CEO of one of the world’s largest providers of business IP solutions was discussing the not-so-distant future of the integration  of 3D and sci-fi holography technology into the full gamut of business communication services, and this past weekend it looks like Cisco began putting that futuristic plan in place.

The latest reports indicate that Cisco has scooped up content management systems firm ExtendMedia, a move intended to strengthen Cisco’s position in the IP video market. While it’s not likely that ExtendMedia will have anything directly to do with Cisco’s futuristic plan for 3D video technology, the current reality is that business professionals are increasingly demanding multi-screen video feeds and portable video communication access, and who better to provide those services than your neighbour Cisco dealer.

More than expanding its current service list, however, this move puts Cisco in a position to tighten its grip on the IP business communications market by allowing it to ready itself for the future of video communication. The question is, will anyone else be ready for the widespread arrival of business video tech?

Regardless of whether or not Internet service providers will be able to handle the bandwidth traffic generated from multiple online video streams for the multitude of businesses looking to integrate video technology into their communications portfolio, Cisco is preparing itself for the day when those sorts of streaming video services will be possible.

The privately-held Massachusetts based ExtendMedia is known primarily for its OpenCase suite, as an article published by Reuters notes, software designed to help companies “manage, publish, and monetize video across multiple platforms including computers, mobile devices, and television,“ and no doubt devices likeCisco’s tablet offering, the Cius, as well. This means, simply put, that this acquisition will not only give Cisco the ability to provide multi-screen streaming video technology, but the ability to monetize it for billing purposes as well.

Its clear from recent reports out of Cisco that the IP solutions provider sees the future of business communication. There will come a time when CEO`s will be mere holograms, beams of light projected from an office thousands of miles away, but for today, people want to talk face-to-face with all their business partners and clients, and they want to do so from their computer, their phone, or their video tablet device; and with this acquisition Cisco is setup to provide all of that…for a reasonable fee of course.

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