Avaya IP Office Release 6.1 – It’s now got a MAP !

by Jeff Wiener on September 29, 2010

Do you run a call center ?

Want to know what geographic region your customers are calling from ?

How about mapping these calls by geographic region ?

Avaya IP Office release 6.1 will now have a report available in Customer Call Reporter (CCR) which will provide a visual interface mapping the location of where your calls are coming from. In addition to some additional report enhancements in CCR 6.1 there are a few other product enhancements worth noting.

IP Office release 6.1 will now work on a Linux platform instead of having to install on XP Pro or Server 2003 / 2008. The install will be simplified with a single CD install which will automatically load One-X Portal, Voice Mail Pro, Linux, and CCR. This will certainly Digitcom.ca on installing these systems.

Which brings me to another point … IP Office has traditionally not played that well in the small key system market. IP Office Release 6.1 will introduce some new enhancements which will consolidate the key system features that were lost when Avaya discontinued the Norstar and Partner which will bring product “key system” parity to the Norstar and Partner.

Digitcom has traditionally been able to install, configure, mount, and train a Norstar or Partner inside of 12 hours. The time to install an IP Office has traditionally taken twice that amount of time, and Avaya apparently has a solution which will halve the time to install. Looking forward to seeing this …

There will be some improvements to the One X Portal which includes an iGoogle style one-x Portal with gadgets that are easy to arrange and re-size.

Some SIP enhancements which include: Outbound Proxy via DNS, Transparent FAX over G.711, SIP deregistration on shutdown, Call diversion original CLID info, and SIP trunk configuration templates.

There will be an investment protection for Nortel BCM customers in release 6.1, and some even better enhancements in release 7. Release 6.1 will allow for SIP station support of the Nortel IP 1100 and 1200 phones. Note that this is a SIP authentication which will lack some of the proprietary Avaya to Avaya integration which you will of course get when you install and Avaya IP Phone onto an IP office, but, this is Avaya’s first step toward bringing some of the BCM and Nortel phones into the Avaya family. IP Office release 7 will allow for support of the Nortel M7000 and T7000 phones, unfortunately, this will be, in it’s first iteration, onto a dedicated amphenol based Nortel style module which will not work with Avaya phones.

The IP Office R6.1 will now support the newer style 9608, 9621G, and 9641G phones, and it appears that Avaya will introduce, in release 7.0 a new style 95XX digital phone will look and act like the 9600 series set.

There was some discussion of an easy data migration of Nortel BCM data from a BCM system to an IP Office. That’s good news considering all of the BCM’s we’ve been removing !

Unfortunately, one enhancement I was looking for which will NOT be on R6.1 is multi site support for CCR. Oh well, you can’t get everything ! This is certainly a step in the right direction though, and we’re looking forward to these ehhancements.

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Noel Ohashi October 4, 2010 at 9:02 am

It’s always cool to see how Avaya evolutes with these outstanding upgrades. But, I wonder if it will also be possible to run Contact Store for Linux on the same server where I will have installed Release 7.0. Anyone knows something about that?

avaya phone system October 11, 2010 at 9:10 am

Avaya IP Office Release 6.1 – It’s now got a MAP great post…….nice one…….
Great work…….amazing…….It’s forever cool to see how Avaya evolutes with these exceptional upgrades. But, I wonder if it will also be probable to run Contact Store for Linux on the same server ……
thanks for sharing,…

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