Vantrix Reveals Bandwidth Savings Calculator

by Jeff Wiener on September 29, 2010

Back in February of this year, Montreal’s Vantrix introduced its Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer. The “premier media optimization and bandwidth management solution for mobile video” was designed for network operators and allowed for the optimization of video traffic to lessen the strain on networks.

While network operators were seeing a modest increase in revenue, the growth in data – mainly video – was creating a host of problems. Enter Vantrix and their solution.

The Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer is a suite of products designed to assist in the “transcoding, transrating, caching and streaming of video over mobile networks.” The Optimizer, upon its initial release, promised savings of between 30-70% on the cost of delivering mobile video as well as the “ability to double the capacity of an existing network infrastructure.”

So did it work?

Vantrix has now released a Bandwidth Savings Calculator designed to help mobile carriers plan for the continued explosion of video on their networks. More to the point, the Calculator helps carriers see just how much Vantrix’s Optimizer can save them on their networks and that can mean the difference between significant profits and problematic losses in today’s expanding field.

“One of the greatest challenges facing the mobile carrier today is keeping up with the demand in mobile video from a network infrastructure standpoint,” said Patrick Lopez, Chief Marketing Officer of Vantrix. “Vantrix Bandwidth Savings Calculator is a tool that illustrates how Vantrix Bandwidth Optimizer reduces the costs of delivery of video as the demand grows over time.”

Vantrix currently has an “abridged” version of the Calculator online for people to try out. The version offers illustrations as to the “incremental infrastructure costs per Gbps” and projections as to where data and video are going over the next five years. The version also illustrates how that video will be distributed across various mediums, like smart phones and laptops, and outlines the savings that can be enjoyed thanks to the Optimizer.

For Vantrix, this calculator is the path to demonstrating the worth of their suite of products. As video and data loom larger on the carriers, companies like Vantrix are hoping to corner some of the market with their solutions. With this Calculator, Vantrix is hoping that the raw data will serve to convince network operators and carriers as to the worth of their Optimizer suite.

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