Microsoft Hopes WinPho7 Can Save You from Your Phone

by Matt Klassen on September 29, 2010

For many of us the smartphone has become an indispensable part of our existence; a convenient hub from which we can manage our business, our personal life, and everything else in between. But do we spend too much time in our day staring at that tiny AMOLED screen? Is life passing us by as we continually check our phones? Microsoft certainly thinks so and has produced a phone to save us from our phones.

In its newest Windows Phone 7 commercials Microsoft highlights what is apparently one of the major selling points of the operating system and subsequent WinPho7 devices, the updates at a glance feature. Poking fun at those that seem oblivious to the world around them while staring at their smartphones, Microsoft wants you to know that there’s another option out there, one that will allow your phone to generate real time updates from your various predetermined feeds, meaning that with a glance you’ll be able to see the latest Facebook or Twitter chatter and get previews of any important emails that may require your attention.

The only problem with Microsoft’s new market campaign, I don’t think people want to spend less time on their phones, at least not smartphone users. In my mind, smartphone users are not in need of a mobile saviour, certainly not one that looks to be less capable than the devils smartphone users already know.

The draw of a smartphone versus a regular cellphone or a feature phone is obvious; it’s a mobile computing platform that disconnects the user from the desk, the PC, and the office. It allows people to conduct their business and their lives on the go, with the added bonus of serving as a mobile entertainment platform—with apps and music—as well.

The bottom line: People buy their smartphones because they want to look at them, they want to use them, and they want to benefit from them. If Microsoft is hoping to reach this market with the promise of spending less time with a phone that’s bound to be ridiculously expensive, perhaps the PC giant needs to rethink its marketing strategies.

If these initial adverts tell us anything it’s that Microsoft may not know how to market a legitimate smartphone. Sure the promise of spending less time on your phone will appeal to some, but that demographic will almost certainly not be the one interested in investing in an expensive smartphone. Instead, Windows Phone 7 strikes me as nothing more than a social networking feature OS that will run niche phones that almost no one will want; certainly capable of saving us from smartphones that are actually useful, but not able to save us from itself.

Further, I fail to recognize how Microsoft is hoping to launch its own Windows mobile app Marketplace while at the same time telling its users to spend less time on its phones.

In the end, will Windows Phone 7 allow you to break the chains that bind you to your current smartphone? Quite possibly. But will Windows Phone 7 allow you to get the same amount of work done, use the same apps, manage your life, or do anything current smartphones allow you to do? It certainly seems doubtful.

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