Mobilicity Hires New Executives

by Jordan Richardson on September 30, 2010

With the appointment of three new executives, it looks like Mobilicity is getting set to expand. The company’s next phase of growth appears marked by the hiring of Matthew Gould, Tim Velichka and Janet Holt.

If the names sound familiar to those in the know, they should.

Gould is Mobilicity’s general manager for Western Canada. He was previously with Telus for over a decade, working as a regional manager for the most part. Gould also brings experience at a senior-level sales capacity from Rogers and Sony of Canada Ltd.

Velichka comes aboard as Mobilicity’s market manager for Calgary. He brings with his 11 years of experience in the satellite TV industry and managed the mobility and satellite sales team for Bell Canada. He was also a national account manager for Bell.

Holt is the company’s market manager for Ottawa. Holt brings with her 20 years of experience from Rogers. She served as a national sales performance manager with the company and held a variety of positions prior to that.

Mobilicity is really rolling out the red carpet for these executives in hopes that customers will realize the symbolism of these new managers. The press release includes quotations from each new hire, with each one exemplifying the sort of celebratory attitude Mobilicity is pushing here.

Velichka, for example, seems excited: “I’m happy to be playing a role in bringing Mobilicity’s simple, unlimited mobile model to consumers in Alberta. There’s a real need for affordable wireless here.”

“I am excited to bring true unlimited wireless plans to the nation’s capital,” said Holt. “Ottawa consumers deserve an affordable mobile carrier that eliminates bill surprise and ensures the price of their plan is the price they pay.”

The language is telling, as Mobilicity is pushing itself as THE affordable option that consumers “deserve” in these markets. These executives are effectively offering short marketing tidbits with the press release, which goes to show you just how far the Mobilicity strategy extends. Will it work? Do customers even read press releases? Or are these executives really that passionate about their new roles?

Regardless, the hiring of these executives points to Mobilicity’s movement in to new markets and new frontiers. It looks like they may finally be ready to reach outside of Toronto and into the markets they said they’d reach by the end of the year. The clock is ticking for Mobilicity’s arrival in Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, and Calgary and customers are waiting for the company’s “affordable, unlimited wireless and bill certainty” to deliver the good as promised.

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