Everybody Loves Google, Fido

by Jordan Richardson on October 8, 2010

The most beloved brand in Canada’s telecommunications sector is Fido. The most beloved brand period, however, is Google.

That’s according to Brand Mojo, an ongoing survey website that tabulates tens of thousands of rankings by thousands of Canadians over a nine month period.

There are 600 companies overall on Brand Mojo’s website and users can click their satisfaction with each brand as it comes up. Fido was the first telecommunications company to show up on the top list, entering in as a respectable #302 out of the 600 companies. That can, of course, be considered in a number of ways.

For starters, Fido’s customer satisfaction ranking has always been pretty decent with respect to the rest of Canada’s companies. J.D. Power and Associates found the Rogers sub-brand to be the top brand in customer satisfaction in its 2007 survey. Virgin Mobile took the top spot in the 2009 edition, mind you. Incidentally, Rogers, Telus and Bell all made up the bottom three in that survey.

The BrandMojo site is really quite simple: visitors are greeted with brand logos and click their satisfaction, ranking each brand on a scale of one to five. Five being “love” and one being “hate.”

As mentioned, Google took the top spot among brands most loved by Canadians. Among the Canadian brands that showed up on the top list, Cirque de Soleil was the first at #16 and Tim Horton’s was close behind at #20. That’s a long way off from Fido’s #302.

In my view, this represents the dissatisfaction Canadians feel towards the telecom options more than it represents a love for Fido. When you consider the near-universal adoption of cell phones with the near necessity of using one of Canada’s major providers, the lack of “brand love” becomes apparent. There are few consumers in Canada not using Bell, Telus or Rogers. And there are few consumers who actually rank those brands as “lovable.”

As I scrolled through the list of brands on BrandMojo, I carefully added my own ratings. Didn’t mind Bick’s, hated Nike, disliked Reebok, and so on. And then along came John Mayer. He’s a “brand?” Following shortly after, a U.S. flag.

How reliable BrandMojo is as a website is in the eye of the beholder, but I still think it says something about how Canadians feel with respect to their telecom options and, perhaps more importantly, with respect to their brand relationship internationally. The love for Google appears to be nearly universal, which is either a very good thing or a very scary thing depending on what side of the fence you happen to find yourself on.

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