Will Apple’s iPad Steal Macs Thunder?

by Matt Klassen on October 18, 2010

Who would have ever thought that the diminutive 9.5” x 7.5” iPad would cast such a large shadow, but with the overwhelming success of the iPad and the meteoric popularity of tablet devices in general, Apple may have inadvertently created the personal computer’s worst enemy.

With another one of Apple’s gala-like announcements set for October 20th, many are speculating that Apple will unveil both a new Mac and an updated version of OSX, known as the Lion. But with tablets revolutionizing the world of personal computing, analysts are warning that the public may be distinctly underwhelmed with a new Mac, as consumer attentions are turning away from the ubiquitous personal computer, not towards it.

But with the Apple announcement still a few days away, do any of us care what else Apple has in its bag of tricks? Of course we do, for Apple has so thoroughly mastered the art of marketing that it really doesn’t matter what is announced on Wednesday, people already want it and they want it now.

Contrary to speculation, it strikes me as unlikely that Apple will actually announce the rollout of an upgraded version of their Mac OSX. Apple’s modus operandi is generally to release such upgrades every other year, and with “Snow Leopard” released just over a year ago, another OSX upgrade seems a little rushed.

One reason for Apple to rush its usual process, however, would be the astronomical success of both the iPhone 4 and the iPad. Some analysts speculate that Apple is releasing Lion early to capitalize on the buzz around the company’s products, with the hope that the new upgrade will include enhanced synchronization features between the Mac and Apple’s mobile line-up.

Its here, I think, that Apple really has a goldmine on its hands. While the Mac has never been a really popular choice for a personal computer, if Apple can provide common tech users with a completely integrated Mac-to-mobile experience I would wager that we’ll see the sales of Macs skyrocket like those of the iPhone and iPad.

But regardless of the details, most analysts expect this to an over-hyped refresh for the MacBook, with many thinking that there won’t be much in the way of new technology introduced; just menial upgrades and pointless dot.dot revisions that Apple will market as the next wave of must-have technology. Sure it’ll all seem new, but that’s really what Apple’s is good at; getting us excited about almost nothing.

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