Motorola Seeks Invalidation of 11 Apple iPhone-related Patents

by Gaurav Kheterpal on October 20, 2010

The legal tussle between Motorola and Apple doesn’t appear to be coming to an end any time soon. In its latest move, Motorola has sought a judgment from the court to restrict Apple from exercising 12 patent rights against Motorola Mobility. This is some what unexpected considering that Apple has not even filed a lawsuit against Motorola.

“Attack is the best form of defense” seems to be Motorola’s mantra for now as it seeks pre-emptive action against Apple accusing the latter of asserting these patents against Android. The company maintains that it is not infringing on the patents in question, and also attempts to prove to the court that the granted patents are invalid.

Motorola says it is also involved in confidential negotiations with Apple to amicably settle the dispute.

Clearly, this is an opportunistic effort by Motorola to cash in on the Google-Apple rivalry. Whether it pays off or not, only time will tell.

Apple may be credited for building world-class game changer innovations like the iPhone, iPod and iPad but the company hasn’t managed to keep a clean slate when it comes to Intellectual Property. The company sued HTC claiming that Android violates 24 patents involving operating systems, GUIs, and other technologies. So, Motorola has a good reason to believe that it would be next on Steve Jobs’ hit list.

Anyway, Motorola is no saint either when it comes to lawsuits and patent infringement. The company is facing a patent lawsuit from Microsoft related to infringement of 9 technology patents in Android. It kissed and made up with RIM in June to settle another legal battle but that seems to be an exception rather than the norm.

Interestingly, Android seems to be the most sued mobile operating system. Given the phenomenal explosion of Android devices in the last couple of years, it is understandable that competitors are wary of Google’s increasing dominance in the mobile operating system space.

In May, I wrote a post exclusively devoted to the ongoing lawsuits in the mobile industry and that list seems to be getting longer every month.

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