Apple’s iPad and MacBook “Hook Up” to Create New MacBook Air

by Matt Klassen on October 21, 2010

Have you ever wondered what kind of tech device you would get if the MacBook and iPad ‘hooked up’? I really hope you haven’t thought of that question, because if you had it would put you into the same weird and quirky realm currently occupied by Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Earlier this week I wrote on the speculation surrounding the content of Apple’s latest award show-like tech unveiling which the company held yesterday. While all of my speculation was confirmed, the content of the presentation was far more about the latest line of the MacBook Air, now available for purchase, than it was about any future upgrades to the personal computer’s operating system.

The purpose of the presentation, as I had guessed, was an attempt to capitalize on the overwhelming successes of the iPhone and iPad to help bolster sales for Apple’s Mac line of computers. To that end, Apple has infused the MacBook Air with all the best qualities of the iPhone or iPad, described by Jobs as the what would be produced should the iPad and MacBook ever ‘hook up,’ effectively giving consumers the option of a larger, faster, and more powerful device to compliment Apple’s popular mobile products.

During the presentation Apple unveiled two different models of the new MacBook Air, both of which were designed to be thinner and lighter than prior iterations while at the same time offering users the same instant-on and market leading battery life found in the iPad. Both the 11.6 inch and 13.3 inch MacBook Air models are available in a number of different prices and configurations, ranging from $999 to $1599 depending on the particular combination of processor, screen, and storage capacity.

Beyond this, both models utilize flash memory rather than a standard hard drive, with Jobs noting that the device will deliver anywhere from five to seven hours of regular usage battery life, meaning simply enough, that you can surf the Web, run your programs, and actually use the machine uninterrupted for that length of time.

The speculation revolving around this ‘Back to the Mac’ presentation also focused on the new upgrade for the OSX operating system. To that end, Apple did indeed unveil ‘Lion,’ the latest incremental upgrade for the Mac, and like most analyst speculation, set its release date for summer 2011.

But will the unmatched popularity of the iPhone and iPad translate into sales for the revamped Mac line of computers? With the announcement that Apple will be soon unveiling App Store compatibility for the Mac’s current OS, I would say absolutely.

In today’s technological existence users are increasingly looking for one thing…integration. One simply has to watch the latest commercials for Windows 7 or any of Apple’s products to realize that companies are trying to meet that desire, and what better gadget for those already enjoying their iPhone and iPad than a computer that works seamlessly with them.

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