Adobe Confirms Flash 10.1 and AIR 2.5 Details

by Jeff Wiener on October 26, 2010

At its MAX conference, Adobe announced that it is bringing its Flash 10.1 to Windows Phone 7 and a number of other mobile platforms, including the BlackBerry O/S, MeeGo, Symbian, LiMo, WebOS 2.0, and the current Android 2.2. Obviously Apple is not in on the Flash party.

Adobe didn’t issue a timeline for the release on each platform and was pretty vague, stating only that Flash 10.1 was “expected” to hit each platform soon.

Also part of Adobe’s set of announcements today was the AIR 2.5 runtime platform. The updated AIR will be introduced to Android and a number of other mobile platforms as well, with an update to bring the fun to Android-based tablets and television devices. This is the sort of cross-integration we can expect to see a lot more of in the near future, actually, with Samsung’s SmartTV being the closest example as it comes shipped with an installed version of Android on it.

AIR 2.5 will support “accelerometers, multi-touch gestures, cameras and microphones, GPS data and hardware acceleration” on a host of devices. It also features a 50% faster JavaScript engine.

More fun was announced with the revelation that AIR 2.5 will include the Adobe launch of InMarket, a multi-platform store that launches AIR apps across a variety of operating systems and other app markets. The InMarket is currently available for Intel’s AppUp store and it’s expected that Android markets and other platforms will follow. Once again, it’s expected that Apple’s App Store will be missing from the arrangement for the anticipated reasons.

There is, of course, no version of AIR for the iPhone and no version of Flash 10.1 for it either. Adobe and Apple have long been slinging stones back and forth, so this is the perfect example of the sort of market exclusion we can expect out of the conflict.

From the looks of things, Adobe has little to worry about. Both AIR and Flash 10.1 will have enough platform support and will make enough of a market splash to keep people more than interested. By throwing most of its weight behind the Android platform, Adobe is siding with a winner.

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