One Phone to Rule Them All? WinPho7 Bridges the Corporate/Consumer Gap

by Matt Klassen on October 27, 2010

There is little question that until this point in the development of the smartphone the global mobile market has been sharply delineated into various markets, niches, and foci, with those markets further demarcated into two key demographics: consumers and corporations.

The former, it should come as no surprise, includes devices like Apple’s iPhone and iPad; devices that people want but ones that few people need. The latter, obviously enough, refers to those devices that have traditionally have had less flashy features, but instead are developed specifically for business users, those that need reliable communication solutions on the go.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the difficulty with such stringent market boundaries. The problem has always been that there are few companies that have been able to design a phone that people can use at work and still want to use at home….that is until Windows Phone 7.

For years now companies have been supplying their employees with business oriented mobile devices, one’s that contain the requisite amount of security features and communications applications that allow IT departments to reliably control the flow of sensitive corporate information.

However, since the release of the iPhone 4 more and more people from high level executives to the rank and file have been demanding to use their iPhones as both their personal and corporate communications device, regardless of whether or not their respective IT departments can support it.

But as more and more people demanding to carry only one phone, Microsoft is hoping that companies will look fondly at a device sporting a mobile operating system that effectively bridges the market demarcation better than the iPhone; and that operating system is Windows Phone 7.

I will admit that I have yet to get my hands on a WinPho7 device, but reviews of the few devices sporting Microsoft’s late-to-the-party mobile operating system indicate an extremely competent business communications tool that still maintains an innovative and intuitive user interface–and not to mention interesting and time wasting mobile apps–that people will want to use both at home and at the office.

Designed as a bridge between the personal and the professional, WinPho7 provides users an entirely new way to organize and arrange business and life within one single device, not to mention that it syncs seamlessly with the still popular Microsoft Office suite of programs.

It is this hybrid business/private nature of Microsoft’s WinPho7 that will allow it, in my mind, to be one of the few exceptions to the rule that late comers never win in the mobile world. While Apple’s iPhone is entering the enterprise market tentatively on the back of consumer demand, WinPho7 is designed with business needs in mind. This will make it infinitely more attractive to companies looking for a secure business-oriented device while still respecting their employees wish to carry one phone for both life and business.

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