Of Gingerbread and the Nexus Two

by Matt Klassen on November 11, 2010

When writing about the latest upgrades for most major mobile operating systems or the newest gadgets, it often seems like I’m writing more about the latest covert military operation in South America or perhaps the latest dessert craze to sweep the nation.

This past summer the Android world was introduced to Froyo, the deliciously named v2.2 of the popular Android operating system. Now, just in time for the Holiday season, it looks like the Android world may soon be feasting on Gingerbread, as Android v2.3 of that name is rumoured to be set for release on Thursday, November 11th.

Further, there is continued speculation that Google, in partnership with Samsung, will soon unveil the next version of its Android flagship phone, appropriately called the Nexus Two.

But with so many rumours, baseless conjecture, and mindless speculation clogging the blogosphere, do these stories have any basis in fact, or are they simply flights of fancy? The good thing is, by the time this blog is posted we may already have the answer.

Last week many tech analysts speculated that Monday’s Samsung conference would bring with it the unveiling the follow-up to the Nexus One, simply called the Nexus Two. As evidence of just how quickly conjecture builds upon speculation, several other analysts used the unfounded rumour that Samsung was about to announce the Nexus Two to proclaim that the Android world was about to meet Gingerbread, version 2.3 of the popular mobile operating system.

But Monday’s Samsung conference came and went and there was one notable omission from the entire evening, the unveiling of the Nexus Two. In fact, there was no information given about the Nexus Two—although revised speculation now sees the phone’s release pushed back due to hardware issues—and thus most of the basis for the stories relating to the release of Gingerbread was removed.

So does this mean that the rumours of Gingerbread’s imminent release are not true? Without the support of the announcement of the Nexus Two, analysts were forced to go looking elsewhere for evidentiary support for their claims, and they found it in a man named Alvaro Fuentes Vasquez. Vasquez, who is apparently a member of the leadership team at the Open Handset Alliance, a consortium of companies that officially back Android, recently tweeted the following:

Prepare your Nexus One (Developer version) for Android OTA update 2.3 (Gingerbread) in the next few days 😀

And that folk is what counts for evidence in the tech blogging world. Sure by the time you read this Gingerbread may have been released to the world, but if the preceding is what counts for evidence, I’ll withhold any speculation until I can sink my teeth into something a little more concrete.

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