How soon till the iPad 2?

by Matt Klassen on November 22, 2010

Already the king of the relatively barren tablet landscape, Apple isn’t content to rest on the initial success of the wildly popular iPad. In fact, as companies are still struggling to bring any serious tablet competition to market, rumours are beginning to circulate that Apple is ready to begin production of the iPad 2 early in the new year, meaning that the second iteration of the device will hit store shelves just as the average tech user is starting to get tempted by other non-Apple devices.

While I have no love for Apple, I have to admire its marketing strategy in this situation. If the tech world has learned anything since Apple began rolling out its long line of innovative handheld devices, its that there is no second place in many mobile sub-markets (like portable MP3 players for instance) and that in markets where competitors are able to gain a foothold (the smartphone market for instance) it takes the public several months at least to begin to trust new tech brands.

So why give them the chance to trust one of the other tablet brands? Why not deliver an updated version of the most popular tablet on the market just when users are getting bored and late adopters of new tech (like myself) are finally getting interested.

Let’s get one thing straight though, all this is simply conjecture. Stories like this spawn from the minds of tech bloggers like me who, at times, allow themselves brief moments to entertain such unsubstantiated thoughts. But nevertheless, now that someone has caught the scent of the iPad 2, my guess would be that it’ll be a hot topic until its release.

This particular rumour stemmed from the AppleInsider report that Apple has mysteriously increased its order for iPad components, well beyond what it would need to fulfill the production demands of the original iPad for next year. Does this mean the iPad 2 is on its way?

For some, the answer is undeniably ‘yes’, as some bold analysts have claimed that the iPad2 will be released as early as January, with Apple possibly looking into scaling back production of the original iPad to make room for its predecessor, although both of these rumours strike me as incredibly unlikely.

With the original iPad release back in April 2010, I would be shocked if we saw the next version released in less than one full calendar year, meaning that April 2011 is most likely the earliest we see the iPad 2. Further, Apple would be a fool to scale back the production of the iPad now, as there’s little question that many iPads will find themselves under Christmas trees this year.

Beyond the release date, many are speculating as to what the iPad 2 will look like and what it will do. For starters, Apple modus operandi when it comes to later versions of its popular gadgets is to stick with the original form factor, meaning the basic layout, functionality, and interface of the iPad will not change—that much we can at least say for certain.

When it comes to possible upgraded features, many are guessing that the iPad 2 may sport dual network functionality, allowing it to work on both GSM and CDMA networks. Beyond that, many are hoping to see multiple cameras, lighter overall weight, different sized tablets, and of course a 4G capable chipset.

However, with Apple refusing to comment on this story—no real surprise there—all this remains unsubstantiated conjecture, nice to entertain but lacking any factual foundation. That being said, I can’t count how many unsubstantiated rumours that have turned out to be true.

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